Real Madrid Tactics: Zidane’s Unbalanced Squad

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Real Madrid Tactics: Zidane’s unbalanced squad.

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Real Madrid have issues. There’s a huge amount of individual quality in the squad which is often enough to get them out of a hole in La Liga, but against top European opposition, the lack of a plan that plays to their strengths and defensive weaknesses in positioning and pressing will be problematic. Zidane has a tactical struggle on his hands to get things right.

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26 comentarios sobre «Real Madrid Tactics: Zidane’s Unbalanced Squad»

  1. pretty bad video gona be honest

  2. Bale is being treated appallingly.
    Rodriguez is a one season wonder.
    Benzema is not a world class striker and never has been.
    Kroos is criminally overrated.
    Pepe is gone.
    Modric is over the hill.
    Ronaldo carried r.m for years and now they're fucked.

  3. MAK

    You should do a video of the struggles of Unai Emery's Arsenal

  4. Football is a team sport. Maybe real madrid have forgotten that.


  6. Please explain the tactics of sarri at Juventus and what's all the problem in his tactics

  7. Please make a vedio on new Diego simeone ateltico de madrid tactics

  8. It's true,What about the balanced Barcelona's situation now?Make a video about them too….

  9. so realistically then, if Zidane fails to turn around this madrid team we can safely say that he is not a tactican and could not replicate the success he achieved with madrid with any other European super team??

  10. Zidane isnt a good coach, people havent rewatch the champions league quarter and semifinals of the years that he won

  11. Hey Zidane, if you're reading this, why not try a 4-2-3-1, Hazard playing just behind Benzema and Casemiro and Modric as a pivot, good luck bud!

  12. Real lost CR7 and all in sudden Real in chaotic form…its clearly not about zidane, its Ronaldo..

  13. Zidane just play jovic, Diaz, Marcelo, not too hard, he is wasting matches. I don't know what is he trying to prove by benching his best players.

  14. That is what i call a beautiful video .

  15. Why are Toni Kroos’ arms so hairy in this video????

  16. The main problem is (as you said) They lost a natural leader, Ronaldo
    He was the main player in the squad, his personality demanded that, before his skill
    When you take out, with no clear leader, everyone gets lost.. and this is exactly what Madrid looks like.. LOST!
    Either Bale/Benzema rise up to the challenge or wait for a leader to join
    Hazard will never be a leader, he doesn't have the mentality or personality to lead.. Although he's a brilliant player

  17. They still play as if Ronaldo is still there collecting the crosses over every defender

    You can't do that with sack of shit Benzema or Hazard
    You can't depend on crossing anymore

  18. I don’t know, correct me if I’m wrong , when Ronaldo was there,they played the front 3 as bale Ronaldo benzema with Ronaldo as the central striker now they have given this role to benezema he has played 9 years as a winger ,a awesome 😎 winger so why change now???? Jovíc can’t play as a winger give him the central role and they could play as benzema jovíc and bale and Hazard could play as a attacking midfielder creating chances!!! And modric and Casemiro could be in a more defensive role!!!

  19. Ronaldo just carried zidane's ass throughout his tenure

  20. 4:49
    And then, literally a day after the video, PSG 3-0 RMA

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