Calvin Klein Concept 2013 Commercial — Debuted During the Super Bowl

Watch the Calvin Klein Concept commercial featuring model Matthew Terry. The latest offering from Calvin Klein Underwear features 360• seamless technology for a new standard in freedom and fit.

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zalando calzoncillos calvin klein – En StreetGallery somos conscientes de que los calzoncillos Calvin Klein son una de esas prendas que gustan a hombres de todas las edades.

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23 comentarios sobre «Calvin Klein Concept 2013 Commercial — Debuted During the Super Bowl»

  1. i look like him when im on my undies ofcourse

  2. Ya me tiene hasta la madre este pendejo comercial.

  3. i was going to listen to a song but this ad came up. I continued to watch it till the end instead of clicking Skip This Ad…

  4. This Is What A Man Looks Like?… Self Improvement Is Masturbation … TD … 😀

  5. lmao at the amount of dislikes. too many insecure males

  6. girl are like WOW, boy are like yeah , i can do better………..

  7. I mean… I wouldn't say no to him, but I want this track too.

  8. OMG, he has beautiful eyes!! …he he he

  9. i usually skip over ads on yt…..but not this one 😉

  10. omg who's that guy? soooo sexy

  11. As I man, I give respect where respect is due. This is hardwork not only in the Gym but in the kitchen sa well.

  12. Whats with the hate, this is the epitome of a finely sculpted, lean atheletic build that most men and women generally find highly attractive. Every Women i know has said that they like musuclar men, but they dont like the blown up steriod look that most bodybuilders have, even girls that dont like alot of muscles find this lean build. sexy.

  13. i wasnt aware that underwear can make a man powerful this knowledge will surely be useful

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