How Calvin Klein PLAYED Chika & the Image of Black Women in ‘I Speak My Truth’ Ad


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32 comentarios sobre «How Calvin Klein PLAYED Chika & the Image of Black Women in ‘I Speak My Truth’ Ad»

  1. I would love to hear you go more in depth on Black woman TV hosts. Nicole Byer, Loni Love, Sunni Anderson, Nina Parker

  2. They are clowning your dumb asses , but nvmd that YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  3. India Moor you have never heard of her Chrissie ?😆😂 you should look her up. She's beautiful and talented black woman.

  4. Nobody called Biggie the fat rapper. He was much bigger this girl.

  5. EVERYONE is this add had their body used as a FOCAL POINT…DAMN!!! They’re selling
    UNDERWEAR. Quit this bullshit. She’s gorgeous, sexy and an artist like ALL of those
    in this ad🤓

  6. I kind get where Chika is coming from in the sense her rap is her talent so she just wants to be identified for her talent..

  7. I found you video to be very entertaining. I am a plus size woman myself and your are correct not many plus size women are truly happy to be plus size. If you think dark women are frowned upon some of you have no idea how plus size women are treated. We can be cute, well dressed, educated, funny but people will still treat you less than. So I understand why this new generation of plus size women are saying f… it I am who I am and if people don't like what they see then pluck your eyes out because I'm here to stay. Yes I believe each one of us should strive to be our best ( healthy ) but while you pursue a healthy life ( mentally and physically) be proud of who you are today. As for myself I've lost over 80 pounds and still going. I've never had any type of health issues but I've watched members of my family suffer with illness due to obesity. I decided that's not the way I want to live my life so I'm doing the things I needed to do in order to improve my quality of life.
    From one fat ( your word choice not mine) girl to another I do want you to know your dislike for fat women shows. I looked forward to seeing the woman behind the voice one day .

  8. CJ

    She did it to get paid. Calvin gave her a check and she took it. She got bills to pay. Simple.

  9. Too many bw are overweight too also. btw Chika is beautiful. young woman beautiful. if she lost weight she would be a piece and a force.

  10. I don't mean to offend anyone but I feel like it's kind of rude to say that they are only showing black women as "ugly" as Some people are putting it in the comments bc that is literally putting down chika and the other plus size people out there. If she's not happy with herself then she will change then that for her own health. Maybe Calvin Klein was just trying to be inclusive, though I understand that they should have represented all races with all body types. I also get that they were (possibly unknowingly) perpetuating stereotypes with that add, but still please stop putting chika and others down in the comments.

  11. They could’ve put duckie thot as the black model because she’s actually a model 🗿

  12. Why is jeni pointing at Lonnie stomach

  13. I didn’t wanna say it …. but I feel the same way about fat people. There’s a old high school friend that act like she love her weight and post half naked photos but I don’t think anyone likes being big unless they have mental issues. I’m ugly but I speak well of myself but I don’t like the way I look deep down so I know how that goes

  14. I am African woman living in France
    I hate this commercial this just drive a bad imagine of dark skin woman
    I hope Mr Calvin Klein will do the same thing with white woman
    Sorry for my English. I hate it I hate it why she is not even smiling
    Je détente cette pub

  15. That freestyle 😍🤩 Yes girl, you’re beautiful! Fuck whoever needs to be fucked off.

  16. Let me speak about what the point of the campaign involving Chika was about because I personally worked on it. She discussed her past weight struggles and how those thoughts stood in the way of her growth and how once she learned to love herself she stepped into a different light her confidence increased and doors began to open. She also expressed concern about there being no images of women who look like her modeling the clothing. This was also about the brand widening their reach and becoming more inclusive. This was not a negative thing or about fat black women this was about her taking a bold stance unapologetically. Also her boldness to call out Kanye on his recent BS. Please don’t turn this into a negative thing that’s not the purpose of the campaign. She told us the vision and we followed her lead. There are many plus size women that love themselves and aren’t sitting around dying to be thin. They are healthy active and positive women. Fat doesn’t always mean unhealthy and skinny doesn’t always mean healthy. Chika is an amazing lyricist and will go far.

  17. I have never heard of her because I’m not a fan of rap, but she sounds really good. I’m going to have to check her out.

  18. Y’all in these comments out here talking about being hated on and turn around and hate on your fellow dark skinned woman 👀 I’m done with y’all, fr bye 👋🏾

  19. The Little Mermaid thing comes to mind, It's ok for black women to play the ugly fat evil sea witch(Lizzo) but they can't be the beautiful mermaid princess(Halle Bailey)

  20. i just wanna cry seeing this shit!

  21. I don't think her being the only bigger black women there wasnt in purpose

  22. K M

    It’s a reason why people don’t really fw Calvin clein….

  23. Great vid and very insightful. The system is so corrupt. They need to stop this biases sh!t and give us better representation of dark skin women. This is partly why black males grow up believing light skin tones or more desirable. And in regards to glee I remember feeling as if I should be thankful a black female made the cut who had a great voice. But at the same time I wanted another representation alongside her.

  24. This video is horrible what is wrong with her in the ad she is beautiful whats wrong with you all this video was very self-deprecating you should have really thought more in-depth before making this whats wrong with being darker shade of brown nothing and whats wrong with being fuller figured and nothing you all are worst then the world you claim want to change. I proud that she was able to show diversity in a other wise standard size brand this was excellent marketing and very inclusive you will need to expand your horizons and open up your mind and stop hating the fact that there's many shades of brown there's many different types of bodies be honest with yourself and get over it it's you all that are uncomfortable with you but they didn't see it that way and neither do most of the world this video has no point other to say that you and other confused black women don't want to be associated with anyone that is darker or bigger and characterized as Black Beauty. If she was skinny and a shade or two lighter you all would have been celebrating.#Sad#Brainwashed

  25. It is VERY narrow minded that you see a plus size person in a commercial feature people who are not that same size and automatically assume she only there because of her size. You may think your “woke” but truth be told you and everyone subscribe to you are negative and narrow minded and this attitude will NEVER bring black people the change we need. Everyone in the ad showed off their body it had nothing to do with her weight. She was just showing off the product. It not body positivity she’s just existing in underwear! It’s sad that even as a black person (which I assume you are since you didn’t show your face) you can’t see past her weight just like some white people cant see our colour

  26. White women insecurities projected again thru the media..

  27. A lot of your comments are exactly why they used her because they are rooted in fatphobia and it is honestly so sad. Because she is fat and not what you view as “feminine” presenting you’re saying she doesn’t belong and doesn’t represent you.
    Firstly, if you go look her up, this is a lot more feminine than she usually looks. This ad was about people being their genuine selves, if they had dolled her up in makeup and posed her (which she is NOT A PLUS SIZE MODEL so don’t compare her to the ones you see with arched backs and pouty dolled up faces) that wouldn’t be authentic to who she is. A lot of you are commenting that you wanted to see a “pretty” dark skin woman to represent you because you feel marginalized & feel that white society is threatened by a slim fit black woman and they only want to portray black women as overweight and unattractive, but she does not represent black women as a whole and skinny pretty black women get WAYYYY more publicity that fat black women do. I’m a model and actress so I see everyday how hard fat dark skin women have to work to get a small percentage of the representation that pretty skinny black girls get (I’m not even referring to light skin black women either), so that argument that white men in power only put out images of unhealthy ugly black women is false because you can count anywhere from like 10-20 naming the popular black fat women represented in media, but the list goes on if you start naming pretty skinny dark skinned women with any type of media representation or celebrity, it’s no contest. In your effort to explain how you feel unseen by society you are forgetting that as a fat dark skin woman she is the MOST marginalized. This space Calvin Klein made for a black person wasn’t just for you skinny black women. Fat black women deserve it just as much. Putting a dark skin fat woman who doesn’t scream femininity (because news flash women can be feminine AND MASCULINE and still be beautiful!!) in the ad isn’t a dig against black people. It was giving a space to someone who represents a severely marginalized part of society. The way society looks down on dark skin people is exactly what you are doing to this talented and amazing rapper who just happens to be fat. Take a hard look at yourselves and why you are so upset. Yes, it sucks that Calvin Klein put only 1 black person in the ad and it definitely would’ve have been a better choice if they had been able to include more black people rather than trying to squeeze all of the marginalized categories into one person, but for all of you to complain and say that she shouldn’t be in it because she is fat & according to you unattractive is really ugly and hateful.
    If one of your issues is you don’t know who she is… look her up. There’s a couple artist in that ad that I don’t know and the names you are rattling off as options are people that some other people may not know. That doesn’t take away from their talent and obviously she is popular enough for Calvin Klein to have picked her.

    I get it, when you are marginalized it becomes easy to see malintent everywhere even where there isn’t any. But for a moment don’t just look at it from a thin black woman’s perspective of needing representation… go a step further and look at it from a fat dark skin woman’s perspective. If you feel so degregated by society… imagine how a young fat black girl feels. A lot of dark fat girls & women needed to see this and your fatphobic comments are only adding to their pain.

  28. Daaaaaaaaaammmmn she can rap. I like her

  29. I am a dark skinned woman and trust me when I tell you alot of lighter skin women are intimidated by me….To them I am extra because I like to look good and my big hips thick lips….tends to have their men looking at all this beautiful black melanin…..Completely no shade to anyone it's just why am I considered this because I love myself completely….well you know what I tell them extra extra read all about ME……bih…..👌🏾

  30. Indya Moore is transgender just FYI


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