Top 5 Best Calvin Klein Fragrances / Colognes!

Here are my top 5 favorite Calvin Klein fragrances / colognes! Thank you for watching!





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#5: 1:37
#4: 2:45
#3: 3:36
#2: 4:50
#1: 5:48

Reveal Review:

CK2 Review:

Crave Review:

CK One Summer 2014 Review:

Encounter Fresh Review:

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44 comentarios sobre «Top 5 Best Calvin Klein Fragrances / Colognes!»

  1. Steven I own 100+bottles of niche and designer fragrances but I don't own one Calvin Klein but years ago I had ck one that was one of my first easy back when but""' is ck one shock that GOOD I've had quite a few reviews that say it's a Banger your opinion??#Big fan JOHNNY Gregorio south Boston 👍 ☘️

  2. my first fragrance was ck euphoria intense witch i actually handed it down to my son for his first fragrance

  3. OBSESSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. In the 80s Obsession For Men was incredible. Girls would throw me up agains me locker and hold me there and smell me. They all went nuts. Then it was reformulated and doesn’t smell anything like it used to. However, I just bought a vintage bottle today. So happy!!

  5. those glasses are not great, you need some technical looking, clear ones

  6. I dont like yr tshirt at all…#1 had ugly bottle, change the name into "ck coffin"

  7. Can you make a top 5 frag of the year for every year new stuff

  8. eternity aqua is very nice smell like cucumber and ocean

  9. CK one and CK eternity most popular amongst the beginners. Interesting review as always.

  10. I thought CK shock was the best but when i smelled Reviel I was in complete shock it’s like they cleaned up CK shock I haven’t smelled the crave tho nice video

  11. I have all of the Polo Club Fragrances….Sorry but Reveal smells absolutely nothing like the Polo Club Fragrance you had mentioned. Nice video though!

  12. Hi I love CK red edition ! Idk if you might wanna do something like that ?

  13. CK IN 2 U for woman is the one for me, I love that one.

  14. Contradiction and Crave are still my top ten of all time.

  15. Hey Steven. Recently found your channel and am a huge fan. Ck be is one of my favorite frags of all time. Is there anything else out there that is similar but with much better performance? Ck be lasts all of 30-40 minutes on me. It's an incredible 30-40 minutes but disappointing nonetheless! Let me know what you think, thanks!

  16. Ten thousand channel perfium in pakistan emporium sale

  17. Hope to have free perfume from you sir 🙂

  18. I have worn eternity all my life I'm 42 now. It's my scent now. Like it's part of me. Also use the deodorant.

  19. I'm Googling perfunctory LOL thanks teacher.

  20. Ha ha Obsession was my first introduction to designer fragrance and not just Old Spice or Brut. I was 17 and staying with my uncle and he bought lots of designer fragrances and always got extras and gift packages with them and gave them to me. I still love this stuff.

  21. excelent review! I am trying to find my fragrance for daily use in the winter. I'm undecided between Le male jpg and Ck one shock. Le male only lasts 5 hours on my skin and ck for 7 hours. Which one would you recommend?

  22. Does anyone1 know how BHPC Rogue performs? Because reveal is long-lasting.

  23. please do a review on CK Escape

  24. I Would love to get back…a battle of crave … didn’t feel like I did appreciate it… now it discontinued 😞

  25. Hi Steven. Can I ask you to look for a discontinued Calvin Klein Cologne simply called Calvin by Calvin Klein? If u find, what smells closest today? This was a Mega compliment getter in the 80s in NYC! NOTHING ever got me more. Thanks always for your great vids.

  26. @@

    What about the Eternity? I like it and hold on my skin for a long time.

  27. since crave by ck is discontinue, which one to you think smell like alike crave?

  28. Here for the nostalgia.. CK frags take me back to a time.

  29. CK shock is suprisingly good, defenitely the best from ck

  30. What should use as beginner?
    Im just a teenager but I have no idea what perfume to buy or to use
    Please give me some advice

    Thank you

  31. glad you made this vid I am NOT a fan of CK frags they all smell cheap/synthetic ETERNITY makes me physically ill but you could sell snow to ESKIMOS Im buying CK ONE SHOCK blind (for $12 hah) I will report back JIM from MIAMI BEACH

  32. Ck shock is the best honestly that cinnamon scent is dopeee

  33. Hey Rode, think you can review CK Euphoria Amber Gold!!? It sounds very interesting.

  34. Usually you are pretty accurate in your choices and description of the fragrances, but in this one you went too far south. And I'm not talking about particular taste. Let me explain why: Alberto Morillas created Ck One and this was the initiator of lot of Flanders, and still is one if not the best selling Ck Fragrance and still selling for a good price and you not even put in the honorable mention… You gotta stop smoking that shit bro. Lol

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