Calvin Klein CK One / CK Be Promo – "Altered States"

This was a science fiction-based promo for CK One and CK Be that ran several years ago.

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  1. это произведение искусства

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  3. Does anyone know the name of the female model?

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  5. back in the 90s when commercials had originally & scared the crap out of ya lol

  6. Holy shit why are all their comertials so creepy?

  7. this is strange and scary but i keep watching it

  8. I've been searching for this for ages! Last time I saw this, must have been over 10 years ago =D

  9. I love this video… Its been in my favorites for several years now , I love androgeny!

  10. Fucking A! It reminds me of David Lynch's work.

  11. What the name of that sing-tattoo on his/her neck??? 0:02

  12. I've been wearing CK1 since it hit the shelves. Its all i wear. Hooray for androgyny.

  13. that is f***ng awesome!!!!! whos the director??

  14. @ThePsychoWithKnife you are freak!

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