The Day Lionel Messi Destroyed Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu

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Lionel Messi’s wonderful El Clasico performance against Real Madrid back in 2017 in high definition and with english commentary.

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Visca El Barca & long live our GOAT Messi.

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27 comentarios sobre «The Day Lionel Messi Destroyed Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabéu»

  1. Who is here in October 2019😁😁, Messi the only living GOAT,

  2. عينيييييييي ربك يا ميسسسي

  3. I find it hard comparing these two players. Why? Simply because one is far miles ahead of the other. He's a genius. An alien. A football god. He's out of this world. For me, Lionel Messi is not even human.

  4. So much for the Little man who became a Giant.

  5. Uno de los mejores jugadores del mundo en su época Edwin Congo lastima que el racismo estaba en pudor

  6. Messi is better than ranaldo that doesn’t mean that ranaldo isn’t good it’s just that Messi is the best

  7. Messi made casimero look like an amateur player.

  8. I think that RONALDO is the best player of the PLANET.
    But MESSI is not a HUMAN.
    he is out of this PLANET.

  9. It was 2 am. And I screamed .. at last goal all like what happened hahah goat Leo

  10. That day was one of the most happiest day in my life

  11. Great vid…ruined by 'basketball hands' Henry commentary at the end

  12. Messi is a hell of a player. My son looks up to him, but Pele? Not a chance.

  13. I'am not a fan of Barca or Madrid, I'am a Milanisti.

    So from my neutral view, I agreed Messi is the best.

  14. hahaha… its been two and half years since the real game and now i get to see the reaction of Messi while getting booked for taking off his shirt… the cockiest wink to referee… lol. just made my day

  15. Greatest footballer of all time.

  16. this Ramos bastard should not play football, his play is to harm and injuried people.

  17. when messi dribble, and get body from dmf or cb, how the hell messi isnot losing and falling down, HOW with that small body he can protect the ball with his body, small but so strong.

  18. Seems like defenders of RM wanted to murder Mr. Messi. 😯😶😨

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