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  1. ik its late and i havent seen how it goes but play king as a cam in a 4-3-3 (4)

  2. You should've played De Frutos on the left in the last game and let Jesus play on the right!
    Also hard to score goals with right footed players out on the right!!

  3. You should really scout in Egypt you get potentials of 90+ and they are really good

  4. 2025. Year in FIFA Salford City winning the Champions League!!!

  5. Did he just pronounce Ewan as E-Wan

  6. Try and get Ryan Leonard in he scored loads of goals from cm and has over 82 pace

  7. You should get callum gribbin and play a 4-3-3 but I get the attack but mannys not performing

  8. Did millwall get relagated in ur career mode

  9. Sign Verlinden from Bolton wanderers he’s an absolute gem he’s a right winger who has mad potential you can pick him up for 1.2 million
    Thanks mate

  10. Start doing some FUT, and keep doing this sick series aswell!!

  11. Try to loan Saliba or Marivanos from Arsenal so you can upgrade a little for 1-2 seasons

  12. I am almost at the prem already with salford city

  13. Please remove Manny and put Rooney back. It hurts my head to see the 64 rated ahead of last season's top goal scorer, just because of his height whoch has been useless so far.

  14. Do Drill for jesus sprint speed

  15. Ngl, considering that headers aren't that great in FIFA 20, I really feel like you should start a partnership of Maguire and Curtis up top while using King on the left, it proved to be deadly against Milwall and sure as hell their pace can be a huge problem for League One Defenses

  16. Where's the double upload we deserve from completing the challenge?
    We even got less since you took a day off without uploading Salford career mode yesterday.

  17. pls make ur vids longer to maybe 30-40 mins per video so that u can finish the season faster

  18. It’s obviously Manchester United

  19. Bet you the premier league team is Newcastle or Liverpool

  20. FWF

    add Curtis striker and make king winger as he is in good form unlike jesus

  21. I thought by the title that u got kubo

  22. 17:50 'E-Wan Moore', Bucksy hope this was you concentrating too hard hahah

  23. Get a billionaire to take over once you get in championship and buy jaden sancho he will be around 22/23 and i reckon about 86/88 he is actually broken hes so good i have him at 19 and 85 on ultimate and he is running the show 😂

  24. ben

    to find out a players overall go to edit player and it will show you any players overall

  25. When doing a top spin freekick, you should aim a little bit above the goal since the ball is dipping.

  26. D M

    Should do a season in a video its too dragged out great content bro

  27. Sell Manny and buy Patson Daka. An insanely quick striker who can also header, it’d be an insane purchase. TRUST ME

  28. If you tapped LB he would of ran off the ball for that jew goal 😂 just tap it and they make runs for you mate 👌

  29. You should change your youth players boots from the generic one's.

  30. Can u survive one episode without cussing and raging like if u agree

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