What is Real Madrid

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  1. I cried, I swear! So emotional video with a great sense! Madridistas we are united and we are part of Real Madrid! We did it! BELIEVE THE END! HALA MADRID!

    respect for the author of the video!

    greetings from Greece!!!

  3. great vid especially the goal 1:30

  4. dear god, if i can rebirth just once i really want to play at real madrid. help the becoming more powerfull than any club and becoming a bigger legend than raul and di stefano

  5. El Madrid es sentimiento orgullo esfuerzo y paciencia a lo largo de la historia

    El Barcelona solo es moda!! Y la moda se modernizaa (no les doy 2años mas )

  6. fuck real madrid yall fuckin suck

  7. @emynarnen i'm pretty sure,that we will be even more dominant u fat pig…we raise our own players…7 players comes from la masia…and i'm preety sure u dont know what la masia is…real madrid don't know how to raise players…only thing they know is to buy buy buy…they spent a billion on players,and what did they achive…NOTHING U DUMB ASS!!!VIVA BARCELONA…

  8. @vutra123 I'm sure you guys will be living in history 15 years from now when Barca isn't as dominant as they are today.

  9. hahaha….u suckas live in the history!!!barca foe life..suckas

  10. can anyone pass me a tissue please….

  11. So .. this video is based on HEROS.

    Real Madrid = HEROS !!

    Hala Madrid

  12. Great vid! 5 stars ups, i mean, thumbs up!

  13. i think this is the main theme from "The island" movie
    try to search: "The Island Soundtrack" 😉

  14. What is name of this song in background? In this movie?

  15. HALA MADRID HALA MADRID! blancos the best football club in the universe!

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