Real Madrid To Sign €100m Jadon Sancho As New Galactico?! | Euro Transfer Talk




Sancho looks like he has turned down the Red Devils for Los Blancos

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42 comentarios sobre «Real Madrid To Sign €100m Jadon Sancho As New Galactico?! | Euro Transfer Talk»

  1. Sancho isn’t leaving, not for 100m at least

  2. Most of of the pictures of Donnarumma was Antonio Donnarumma, his brother who also plays for Milan as the reserve keeper 😂

  3. I’d rather Real Madrid get sterling over Sancho!

  4. this narrator has no drop of charisma

  5. What is the point in Madrid buying Haaland? Look at what they're doing to Jovic. Their recruitment and man management is absolutely shocking

  6. Ibra should just go back to Sweden and play for Malmo FF in a Player/Coach role.

  7. Yeah Ac Milan are about to lose everyone

  8. Florentino Perez must have downes syndrome

  9. Real Madrid: still have Benzema, Bale, Vinicius and sign Jovic, Hazard, Rodrygo
    Also Real Madrid for upcoming January transfer: wE NeED mOre StRikEr!!!

  10. Sancho should stay at BVB until he becomes a bonafide world class player. Then if he wants out he can choose any club he wants.

  11. Tf!!!! Sancho really?? R we planning to win games by crossings only and no finishing? We need a striker; a goal scorer and some new defenders.. oh a entirely new goalkeeper… we need a new fuckin team lol 😂

  12. Does JoMo REALLY want the job or is he just looking for employment???

  13. Sancho career would be destroyed by Madrid, they usually don't make or nurture young starts anyway, they will buy him when his price has doubled in a few years time if anything.

  14. They've already spent £350 on players and there worse than before and there like BANCHESTER YANITED COMEDY CLUB trying to buy themselves out of trouble.And RONALDO knew he was on a sinking ship at RM and done the clever thing in leaving to go to JUVE

  15. AAAAWWWW Sancho didn't want to sign with ManUtd. I wonder why? Is he worried ManUtd is getting relegated?!?

  16. West Ham for Donnarumma & Romagnoli ?

  17. Sancho should come to arsenal 😂😂😂. I know I can only dream:) it works in football manager🤣


    We need Cms. And we need a coach that actually trains the defense. We have incredible talent there, but we cant keep a clean sheet to save our lives.

  19. Real madrid plan to play a 1-1-8 with the amount of attackers they have and still want

  20. The goalkeeper saving the shot is his brother antonio not gigio!

  21. United are 5-6 players away from challenging again.
    Sancho could end the curse & be uniteds new no.7 in their rebuild.

  22. Sancho is an amazing player and I wouldn't dislike having him at Madrid, BUT as it stands our squad has more than enough talent/potential in the wings we need to be looking at more talent in the center of the park as well as defensive reinforcements! An out and out striker wouldn't hurt either.

  23. Irba? or Ibra? Am I missing something at 6:38?

  24. Half of the Donnarumma pictures were actually his brother, who also plays for Milan

  25. It’s like Real Madrid forget about the players they sign. What’s gonna happen to Vinicius and Jovic if Sancho and Haland sign for them.

  26. I want Mourinho to coach Barcelona

  27. zidane and parez have a father son like relationship, zidane won't get sacked he'll leave on his own terms like he did before.

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