Why Real Madrid’s Title Bid Could Be OVER Already… | #ContinentalClub


Are Barcelona going to run riot over Real Madrid for La Liga title this season?!



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  1. Does Patrick realise football is more than just stats has he ever even watched a game or does he just look at the stats and pretend he has

  2. This video has got to be age restricted with all those sexy legs on display💕💕💕💕💕

  3. So Barcelona have 4 points in two games and RealMadrid’s season is over

  4. Barca is wasting time going after neymar, and at that price for a injury prone 27 year old cry baby, it's not worth it

  5. Winning a league is about staying power and having world class players. You can't predict shit this early in the season, but you certainly can't write off a team like Real Madrid either.

  6. Interesting video. What does football from 2012 mean?

  7. Personally think that Neymar is forcing through this deal to Barcelona whilst Barcelona don’t really need/want him

  8. Zidane will leave by Christmas because he won’t be able to handle not getting results.

  9. Not a madrid fan But damn these guys are big haters I know that real got problems But as i am writing this barca drew against ossasuna who are playing in la liga for the first time in 3 years.
    And barca defence looked shit + Ossasuna had 15 SHOTS Messi cant defend for barca

    Used to like these guys but damn they love barca and are blind when it comes to Real

  10. What's up my dudes? What about Barca now 🤔

  11. I’m just going to say it! Spanish football has been shit for the past year

  12. Luka Jovic is going to carry Real on his shoulders very soon.

  13. Athleti will destroy real this season

  14. EFD are the biggest Barca fanboys on YouTube, they ride Barcelona hard

  15. I don't think it's fair to judge Atletico's attacking prowess against 2 teams that extremely difficult to break down by big teams and had some outlying circumstances.

    Getafe had the 2nd best defense in the league, and the game was a 10v10 game. They're built to cut out players like Felix, he was playing in a cage and he still broke out an amazing run.

    Leganes had the 5th best defense, last season, and Felix was fairly poor but as soon as he got space, he made it count with an assist. Saul is only playing LWB because Lodi is suspended and he is a natural on the left.

    Regardless, 6 points out of a possible 6 against two tough teams is a great start. Savic has been immense and is looking more and more like Godin, he's had so many brave shifts in pre-season and now in the the regular season. Morata has looked really sharp, too.

  16. Barca lose

    FD: 😴😴

    Real draw


  17. I swear Hamill is bisexual 😂😂

  18. Neymar maybe second best in the world?!🤣

  19. Is chris gay or genuinly a super nice guy

  20. I find it strange how so many Madrid fans are slating the fellas for envisaging Real to struggle this season. They’re missing a third of their first team to injury. Their midfield is old: Kroos and Modric never been particularly fast and with age, they’re that much slower. Zidane is quick to ‘mourinho’ players. Bale is firing right now and he’s one of those players that everybody loves but let’s be real who would be surprised if he did his ankle/back/knee in the next few matchweeks… I’m not a Madrid hater, just have some perspective before slagging off da boyz for astute and entertaining analysis.

  21. Key month for Atleti, favourable early schedule Barce and Real hobbled so if they can jump out to 13-15 point from their opening 5 will put pressure on the others

  22. Busquets doesn't get nearly enough protection in midfield. He was pushing further forward than Frenkie at times which is troubling

  23. Pato’s opinion on Madrid’s midfield show just how little he watched them.

  24. The reports about jovic leaving is a lie he already said it was a lie… u just talked shit about Zidane for no reason

  25. pato real madrid sre playing football from 2012 that doesnt quite work? they won the champions league in 2017 you dont half come out with some shit sometimes its like 2 games into the season

  26. Wow the dissrespect to Atletico is alarming… to not even be mentioned in the title race is crazy… I know they haven’t looked great in their first two games, but you have to take circumstance into account… NO DIEGO COSTA, an Early Renan Lodi red card in the Getafe game, so a lot of unexpected shuffling… yet still winning games… and about Joao Felix, could have easily had two goals if it wasn’t for that greedy bastard Morata, got an assist in the last game and that crazy run vs getafe, he’s had his moments in both games so don’t be harsh on him

  27. Marco Reus is the best player in the bundesliga

  28. Yall sleeping on Atleti for sure

  29. Champions league group stage predictions #Sunday Vibes

  30. Reus, Thiago, Lewa, Kimmich > Sancho at the moment

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