Rodrygo Goes | NEW Real Madrid player

Find out more about 18-year-old Brazilian striker Rodrygo Goes, who has joined Real Madrid from Santos!




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44 comentarios sobre «Rodrygo Goes | NEW Real Madrid player»

  1. Réal Madrid respecté doit rappeler CR7 pour organiser et gagner les matchs

  2. Just scored his 1st goal for Madrid. Hopefully many more to come

  3. Awful, Awful commentary. I think I'd rather the English PES 5 commentary.

  4. I know him from pes 2019 that he is the best silver ball player with 92 rating at all. Good choice anyway real madrid.

  5. Impressive free kick against Bayern pre season

  6. Nossa nem traduziram para espanhol😂😂😂😂

  7. the ways he moves reminds me of original Ronaldo.. 😀

  8. crazy thing about this boy is… he uses both feet , whenever and however he likes !

  9. The man who will be replacing cr7 goals😍
    Mark my words

  10. Incredible player, fenomenal, a mix of Romario Ronaldo fenomeno and Ronaldinho Gaucho, maybe better, very simple and logic objecyive with 18 years old, see the peacefull pace , the "sixth sense" when he plays, amazing, the next Fifa Bola de Ouro ,
    Brasil is incredible in soccer and new soccer stars, need improve social life of people, can looks hard task but is possible with hard work and humility

  11. R A

    Rodrygo, Pedrinho, Antony Brazil new generation is coming…

  12. Why real madrid need neymar when you have two neymar already (vinicius & rodrygo)

  13. Ren

    Dude him and Vinicius.. cant wait to see them together in the future. And on top of that also Kubo who looks awesome in the first training sessions at Real

  14. Everyones picking real Madrid in new fifa defo😂

  15. El Cesare en los años que quieras maldito cara de culo

  16. What I like the most of him is that he can definitely finish. That's something Vinícius still has to work on


  18. I am 10. I love to dribble. When I meet a footballer like Rodrygo Goes, my legs are looking for the ball right away!

  19. Only Japanese Kubo is able to be compared to Rodrygo/

  20. Otro brasileño malo igual a Vinicius 🤣

  21. Rodrigo is better than Vinicius because he knows how to score goals

  22. Santos Futebol Clube Amooo❤❤

  23. That LOLOLOLOLOLOL though😂😂😂😂

  24. Saiu do maior do Brasil para o maior do mundo.

  25. His change of direction and finishing at 1:12, 3:23 and 4:26 were 🔥
    3:42 Vinicius 🖤

  26. Wow i didn't know that ronaldo was that great that they need 50+ replacements for him.

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