Mensutra talks about Disha Patani Calvin Klein Bra Photo!

Mensutra talks about Disha Patani Calvin Klein Bra Photo on her instagram before Diwali!

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  1. To all disgruntled by the new wave of content I am putting out, in one word, I would categorize it as: self-awareness.
    This video is not an attack on Disha Patani, plenty of girls on instagram are posting god knows what — I am not making videos on that.
    This video is on subliminal marketing tactics that are focused completely on MANIPULATION. Disha Patani's recent picture seemed to me a good example.
    As far as motivational content is concerned, look at this week's uploads, there are motivational videos available for you; how many more do you want?
    At some point, I want to branch out to more interesting aspects concerning thought, how the world works, our choices, perception, media, advertising, etc, but I can assure you, they will have a point.
    If you don't like such videos, you can only watch the motivational ones. On this channel though, I wanna talk about everything that interests me.

  2. India mein gareebi py bhi videos banao bhadwo …. GDP per capita ko mudda banao …. India sports mein kyun fail hota rehta hain inn sab py bi videos banao madarchod … Rugby, Football khelna kab sikhega India ye sab videos kyun nhi banate Madarchodo …. agle 50 saal mein bhi India qualify kar legi FIFA World Cup mein ?? Inn sab cheezo ko highlight kyun nhi karte bhenchod ??? …. Why does the average Indian earn less than 3 Dollars a day ?? ….Hamara desh ka Capital Delhi ka Air Pollution kab theek hoga ?? Inn sab py videos banao chutiyon !!

  3. Which microphone is using for recording bro

  4. Ismain teen logon ki chaandi hui
    1 : calvin brand
    2: Dish patani
    3: Boys

  5. Ye bra add wale apne (CHOOCHA) KO MAGNET KI TARHA USE KRRAY HAI.!!! SABKO KHEECH RAI HAI. 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  6. Isnt it pretty obvious its a marketing campaign ?

  7. Brilliant sir, Bollywood ne diya kya hai desh ko , apne culture ko nicha dikhna, or buri adat ko badava dena

  8. Did anyone noticed the fake smile on her face??

  9. Kya dimag hai app ka bhai….. kuch zoomato k bare mne agar boll sako to achha hoga

  10. #PATANAHI why , But I am sure that one of the Dislikers of this video would be #PATANI.

  11. She is getting paid from Kelvin it is called sponsorship
    Multimillion company
    Justin does this company ads too

  12. Bro Bro Bro i love u…U r a real hero who shouts out the truth without any fear

  13. Jitne choote kaapde utne modern and literate

  14. Tum bhi toh yahi kar rahe ho…….. 😂😂😂

  15. tu chutiya h bhn ke laude CK force toh kiya nhi hoga laude ke , usse offer hua nd usne pehna toh maaa ke laude tu chup reh

  16. Bhai dikaat ptaa kyaa hai ki hum logon ko Fark ye Jo bhi koi hai isse itni jiada trp hum hi logon ne de hai iss topic ke baare mein baat karke kyunn ke hum India mein rehte Hain jhaan paar ekk hi cheez muft mein milti hai auur wo hai advise everyone is ready to deliver this word

  17. Bhai are you following disha?no I'm sorry just asking as u won't follow stupidity …

  18. Sir hindi me bola karo yaar i am big fan

  19. Aare yaar brand ko promote karna hii ho agar toh thang k kapde pehne karo naa……
    😡😡😡😡😡what the hell is this

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