Calvin Klein Remembers Hustling with Jay-Z

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Watch part 1, Calvin Klein Talks Brooklyn; Guns; Robbing The F Train

Thisis50 & Young Jack Thriller recently spoke with Calvin Klein for an exclusive interview!

Calvin Klein remembers hustling with Jay-Z & much more!

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Calvin Klein Remembers Hustling with Jay-Z

Calvin Klein Remembers Hustling with Jay-Z

Calvin Klein Remembers Hustling with Jay-Z

calvin klein por mayor – Pack Calzoncillos Calvin Klein. Modelo Low Rise. Tres boxer de algodon. Color negro. Cintura de goma con logo de la marca multicolor.

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50 comentarios sobre «Calvin Klein Remembers Hustling with Jay-Z»

  1. Oh well u lost out..should have put ur ego in check….

  2. Real Calvin Klein Big Man Link up Nuff said my general NYC straight Hustle and bustle of the jungle life

  3. I bet some people think hes actually calvin klein from the clothing 😛

  4. (pause)
    Boss ,
    i never knew Calvin Klein was a young Black Man.
    I'm in shock.For years I thought Calvin Klein was a old Dracula.
    I'm very proud now. In fact , Damon will wear Calvin.
    But Damon doesnt want that.
    Damon wants 50 thousand dollars ,
    and a lifetime supply of coca-cola…lol

  5. Please I will take 5 mill for you to talk down , at the end of the day it's all talk and money to invest period

  6. Never been in the game. But i 've been a Man for a long time. That's why i know egos destroyed the show. Also what type of brotha likes another man to be cheerleading like this other guy is doing. I would never trust a man that shows me that much blind faith. I would lose him or hoe him.

  7. When will people stop walking about jayz and Beyonce as if they are gods.
    Not just them two, but all these big name entertainers and althetes.
    I am more impressed with the person who pulls themselves up out of poverty and makes good with out the help of tv..

  8. A boss not tryna let any man talk crazy to him. I'm sure a phone call could've put him back in any position he craved.

  9. Why would they want to buy a civic center in South Carolina??? I’m not seeing where they would make money from that.

  10. Kevin Chile’s is the real deal!!

  11. Next time you call me ;, make it make çent$

  12. Something about these niggas named Calvin paid in full

  13. These old niggas get caught up in who they was and not where they are in life ..

  14. Eln…. Puffy…e911……Canada…….

  15. So many dudes on here making comments act like they know Jay Z personally or something. Its corny.

  16. He need to shut the fuck up about jay z. This nigga is out of pocket.

  17. I almost feel like Jay Z might of meant that this just literally didn't make sense And next time, to make sure the deal MAKES SENSE and is at one FIRM price/MAKE the damn DEAL WORK.. He deadass called n told Jay the price is 10Ms, he gives u the $$ so u call to pay then u gone let them bum ass ni66as change up 3 fckn Mill. Dude mad cuz he got all this respect on the block n feel like Jay Z might of talked down to him, when YOU JUST LET A REAL ESTATE AGENT basically PUNK U & RAISE THE PRICE $3MILL WHEN THEY TOLD U 10MILL ALREADY. Don't try and come at Jay Z cuz he told you to make the shit make sense next time. Prolly saying that shit ain't making sense that they tell you 10mil then u go get the money and call back n they just say nah we asking for $13mill now just off the strength of it being Jay Z and he has too much Money so we asking for more. SMH. YOU SUPPOSED TO BE FROM THE STREETS BRUh. would you let them give u a price for them chickens then when u get over there to pay, they raise the price on you?? #WhereDeyDoThatAtDoeee ???


  18. Ion see disrespect in jay telling him to “make it make sense”. Maybe I’m tripping but that’s self explanatory to me. Basically make something happen to benefit you n yours for years to come.

  19. calvin klein is not a white guy. Wow. I guess with name Calvin, i shoulda did the math.

  20. jay said never felt more alive in cliens green 5 but then the cops pulled guns!🤔🤔 so jay knew that wuznt the car to be in lol

  21. I wear CK all the time… Now I'm proud to wear it…
    x Street cat from Brooklyn too , just made my day…

  22. Know when someone is dropping a golden opportunity in your lap and check the ego at the door. Look at the results now

  23. Shoulda swallowed his pride and went found another deal that made sense like the man said. All that you got more money but i got more heart is personal. This is business. You not back in blooklyn sligging and this aint 1989.. To his credit he did man up and say he was wrong for talking little reckless in this interview tho.

  24. Damn tbh Ima say it jigga should've had it all set up with all the bells and whistles and hoes and champagne without even asking duh a real nigga isn't gonna ask for shit or mention it what is understood doesn't need to be said and by jigga Asking him wat u wanna do smh that a slap in the face after taking a charge like that

  25. You can tell he has at least 5-6 bodies on him. The calmness is even more unnerving than the ra-ra we see from the so-calleds.

  26. Regardless if you feel slighted you allow him to set you up. Men let our pride block blessings I would’ve took the money and then distanced myself if I felt like he wasn’t 💯. I don’t know about the books & interviews discussing the past. I couldn’t ever see our OG’s going that route. Street shit never supposed to be discussed publicly.

  27. He lying because how can you complain he offered you 10 million. He's a true hater this why the hood messed up dudez like him.

  28. Most young cats don't have the cerebral fortitude to understand respect. So allured by someone like Jay's success, no context is focused on regarding who/what exponentially assisted such.

    Be clear, Jay's musical talent and business acumen is all his! Nevertheless, he had teachers/mentors/coaches that either flat out gave or honed his rawness.

    So, when the dots connect for the grasshopper/young bull, when tf did honor/respect/due diligence/homage (to the ones (ol' heads) that put you on) turn into them hating on Jay? It's like a son disrespecting/stuntin' on his own Father – who not only brought him into the world, but instilled certain morals, ethics, and game into him – simply because his success is viewed as greater than.

    Chit phucc'd up, but most simpletons respect that chit; me, me, me before honor… that's how the game is so phucc'd up to date!

    Jay probably owes this and other ol' heads 10 xs that $10 Mil, maybe not. It really sifts down to principal and ethics. "Next time you call me, make it make sense!" is like slappin' your parents, uncle or high school coach in the face now that you've passed the Bar Exam, or received your Doctorate in Quantum Physics, or are top 5 NBA/NFL and are considered "tha chit" by people who never did chit for you but either sign you up as their new meal ticket, or worship you from a Stan-point!

    Again, not saying Jay owes anyone chit, but neither did the ones who invested in him; the ones he raps about; the Kool-Aid he branded, packaged and became a multi-millionaire because of! 💡


  29. Y'all can't read betwen lines of Jay z gave him 💸he just not saying it direct lol let it sink in

  30. What I got from it was Jay told him make sure it's a good deal and the numbers add up. Hard to take advice from the runner who is on top. Remind me of Calvin from paid in full.

  31. Ego! Jay is too busy for this shit

  32. Jay allows you to broker a $10 million deal you pitched after just coming home from a bid and the relationship desolves because your ego was bruised…this nicca Klien is buggin..if that's your friend you fix that.

  33. Something about this guy that I don't like. He's really trying to talk down on Jay. Cant accept that Jay is more powerful than him now. He reminds me of the guy in paid in full that was doing better than A, but got locked up, and once he returns home the tables had turned and jealousy set in.

  34. He put his pride in the way instead of giving Jay props and understanding his position..

  35. I thought he was supposed to be mexican!!

  36. Sebastian Telfair resembles Klein..

  37. Put it like this a TV antennae is a weapon

  38. Show me one rapper that offered there man 10 mil to do business when he came home, hov a real nigga and so is Klein ….

  39. Is this the name from the actual brand Calvin Klein??? Or a copycat

  40. Klein
    freeway ricky
    rich po

  41. Damn Calvin still thought it was 1991 and he was still the big dog and Hova was the young boy. Bra Hova is a mega mogul it's no way he can look at you like the same big homie from before.

  42. He didn't understand what he meant WHAT HE WAS SAYING BY SAYING MAKE IT MAKE CENTS NOT MAKE IT MAKE SESNE next time u call make it make cents meaning next time u call me let it be about gettin this money

  43. Just like Billy Bats and Tommy "I don't shine shoes no more" Or Calvin from Paid in Full "Junior why don't you let me run the block" "my name ain't Junior it's Ace" Klein couldn't accept the schoolin. I don't want to get money from the workers I want my own block. You gotta respect Klein and Jay for being Alpha males. They just can't coexist. And Klein shouldn't have nothing bad to say

  44. If I came home to nothing and a nigga give me a $10 million dollar budget and I set up a deal that didn't come through and all he tells me is "the next time you cal, make it make sense" I might feel some type of way but at the same time shit when a nigga give you $10 Milly you damn right he wants the shit to make sense. Klein should've just took that shit and set up another deal to purchase some assets. Like my G with $10 million you can damn near buy anything. Use car lots, commercial real estate, a direct participation program,etc..

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