Justin Bieber strips off for new Calvin Klein ads

The 20-year-old singer poses alongside model Lara Stone in a new campaign for the underwear brand.

Bieber follows male celebrities including actors Mark Wahlberg and Jamie Dornan and footballer Freddie Ljungberg who have all featured in iconic Calvin Klein campaigns.

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25 comentarios sobre «Justin Bieber strips off for new Calvin Klein ads»

  1. this shoot was photoshopped so it was not real

  2. those pics blah and wow it tells u what photoshop can do

  3. Haters gonna hate..,…..!
    just admit dude has it. I 🚢

  4. He's 21, talented, cute and looks pretty great in those Calvin's.  Obviously there is a lot of jealously spewed in this comment section.  Too bad for you haters!

  5. что за песня в ролике?

  6. the naked bieber ad appeared before the fucking video starts. fucking justin bieber

  7. You know who should make a Calvin Klein underwear ad? An actual normal, hard working guy & a normal woman who isn't anorexic. The tag line…" I've never worn Calvin Klein's because I can't f***ing afford them".


  9. oh look it Nick Jonas and Justin  are models for calvin  klein  underwear but the difference is Justin has a chick next to him just saying

  10. nice body Justin but is she one of the angels from Victoria Seceret  it looks like her kinda.

  11. He seems to have gotten more articulate than he used to me. I think people should give him more credit. Hopefully he will redeem himself after all his naughty behaviour!!!!!

  12. Didn't know Calvin was into tattoss

  13. I guess he figures tattoos make him look like a man, LOL!

  14. That girl is so fucking ugly. She has no eyebrows, how the hell does Justin find her attractive? I don't even understand why she's even a model

  15. gawd his voice, his body, his face 😩😍😍😋

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