Calvin Klein "CK BE" Fragrance Review

Hello! This is the 1996 Unisex fragrance by Calvin Klein called CKbe. A gorgeous clean..fresh smelling fragrance. Come and follow my perfumey ramblings on Twitter @ouch110

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  1. I like Be also. Cheap and dosen't start to annoy you after a while. My biggest problem is that some of the fraqrances i really like at first starts to smell really powerfull and bad after a few times i wear it. I wonder isit because of some commonly used ingredients that are used in fraqrances.?..

  2. You mentioned it lasts all day for you, but for me it doesn't last more than an hour. I'm from India so it's warm weather almost always but longevity wise, this perfume barely lasts. Most reviews I read also seem to be saying the same.

  3. Do they still carry it?I need one last one incase they stopped.Any ideas?I live in NYC

  4. CK one is very strong scent but CK be is subtle a tone down scent.

  5. You always do an amazing job at describing scents ! Great review and I just recently purchased this and have been loving it ! It’s simple but I’m very excited to wear this in warmer weather as I see this really blossoming in the heat 🙂 .. Thanks again and hope you have a great day !

  6. When I watched your more recent collection video, I literally clapped and said "Do CK Be!" lol This is one I wanted to buy for years (shortly after release) but never got around to. Several month back I finally picked up a bottle. This is one I will always want in the wardrobe.

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