Troye Sivan Speaks His Truth in #MYCALVINS|CALVIN KLEIN

Walking down a familiar suburban neighborhood, Troye Sivan takes things back to his roots as a “scrawny, gay kid.” His truth is that he sometimes needs to fake the confidence it takes to be himself. The latest campaign from CALVIN KLEIN.

Directed by Jonas Lindstroem.

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25 comentarios sobre «Troye Sivan Speaks His Truth in #MYCALVINS|CALVIN KLEIN»

  1. I speak my truth in my generic underwear l bought years ago.

    I know, l know, it doesn't have the same ring

  2. Most beautiful guy I have ever seen..with a voice of an angel!!!

  3. Oh My My My! Troye is so perfect 🖤💙

  4. Troye is absolutely beautiful and his make up, his smile, his beautiful blue shiny eyes, his face, even his cheekbones 😂 is absolutely flawless. I will always support him with everything he does even with the good or even the bad and I know all of his songs by heart and I think my favorites that he wrote are My My My!, YOUTH, Dance To This, FOOLS, WILD, Lucky Strike, and i’m so tired… 😴😂

  5. C'mon how can there be just 333 likes!!!!

  6. If he wasn't gay I would totally have a crush on him but oh well

  7. Troye Sivan is literally an angel. I just love him! 💜💛💚🧡❤

  8. no dislikes my faith in humanity has been restored

  9. Calvin Klein only this name is as fansy asf ♥️

  10. U are amazing oh my my my 🙏💜

  11. I mean come on can Troye get anymore beautiful

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