AMAZING AMBER | Amber Gold by Calvin Klein

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Euphoria Amber Gold Men by Calvin Klein is a Oriental Woody fragrance for men. This is a new fragrance. Euphoria Amber Gold Men was launched in 2018. The nose behind this fragrance is Laurent Le Guernec. Top notes are cypress, bergamot and thyme; middle notes are honey, sage, oregano and jasmine; base notes are vetiver, leather, amber and incense.

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27 comentarios sobre «AMAZING AMBER | Amber Gold by Calvin Klein»

  1. These are getting talked about a lot, so therefore I'm going to be on the lookout…

  2. I know this is a mans channel but Watching You is motivating Me to step up My Game..Looking Good Mr. Samuels….

  3. I have both of them and they're both bangers.

  4. Thoughts on Ginepro di Sardegna and Fico di Amalfi from Acqua di parma?

  5. I just cop'd Amber Gold at Ross for $34.99 like an hour ago.

  6. What's the reason fragrances are released overseas first, and or never released in the states?

  7. 👄 (with my no profanity language)
    Hot Dannit, you did it again!!! 👏🏾

    Keep ‘em coming KS!!! 💕✨

  8. Kevin got the most exciting and well produced channel on youtube. Just good shit.

  9. Calvin Klein fragrances are great for gym scents, grocery store/errands scents, jogging scents and going to bed (if alone) scents. They're cheap, decent quality and you're never guilty of over use because they'll only last a couple of hours(edt).
    Top 3:
    All pretty much cost what would amount to be the tax on a niche fragrance..

  10. Is rhe amber gold in retail stores thanks

  11. I know Kevin I have em both..Look into euphoria gold it's just like these but its tobacco

  12. Mr Samuels been doing some funny stuff nowadays & having fun.

  13. I think I saw that CK Black bottle at Ross last weekend. I did grab Cartier Dun Soir . I Love it!! I gotta get myself another car. But once I do that, I shall grab them both!!

  14. You should also post the links where you can purchase the fragrances online. Good review though.

  15. Kevin!!… grabbing both for sure!…i l love Amber though!!…good looking out!👍👍

  16. **At the beginning of the video** 😂😂😂😂 You a damn fool Kevin. Lol

  17. omg the coincidence is real
    yesterday was the first day i saw that fragrance on fragrantica and i got interested on it, i searched for reviews of it but there wasnt a single one, and today you uplouded a video about it xD
    Crazy world

  18. See here you go again lol. I got to stop listening to you because I’m gonna go broke lol. As always love the video 😄. Btw where did you get that necklace?

  19. I picked up 2 bottles of Amber Gold….100% LOVE it !!! Liquid Amber Gold is awesome too…looking for a second bottle….BTW….Also you should try CK Amber Gold for women !!! The men's and women's actually smell GREAT layered….just sayin !!! Also the original Ck Gold for men is awesome!!

  20. Can only find the amber gold on ebay

  21. Now, I'm on the hunt. Thanks Kev. 👊🏼

  22. you gotta fix that white balance bro

  23. Anybody know any websites like notino/beautyspin besides fragrancenet?

  24. going to try to find this one since I couldn't find that issey

  25. Have you tried either of these? What are you favorite fragrance notes? Comment below.

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