Calvin Klein "Euphoria" Fragrance Review

This is one of my favourite commercial scents despite it’s popularity. I think it’s a winner! Not many perfumes these days have this much strength and longevity so, this one gets a 10 out of 10 for me. 🙂 Calvin Klein Euphoria gets my vote!

boxer calvin klein pack 3 – Los calzoncillos tipo culotte, las camisetas interiores y aquellas … Bieber con unos boxer cortos en una campaña para Calvin Klein Underwear.

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  1. My signature smell , but I want to change. Pomegranate, rosehip, tampaca, amber, black violet…love your review. Dark rich wood in the your opinion, does it have anything to do with Gucci rush .

  2. The women’s version is a total beast, perfect for cold weather. The men’s one is very nice too but much weaker

  3. I absolutely love this product but I’ve had trouble finding what to pair it with. I’ve been wearing it for years and ppl know me by the scent. I just don’t know for example what body wash to use to make it stand out.

  4. The ingredients contain propylene glycol which is antifreeze

  5. I'm really disappointed in this perfume propylene glycol which is antifreeze what are you people doing people you're in the mix too huh it's really disappointing this is poisoning people I'm blogging it

  6. My favorite perfume as well because of its longevity and smells elegant and fierce flowery scent

  7. This isn't unisex is it? Just the other day I went to Tj maxx and have seen one for men.

  8. I love Euphoria but it's smell difrent from 2005 euphoria.😔

  9. Are you a female looks like a man? :))

  10. I went to the Notino store, after i saw this review and i got 100ml bottle😊.

  11. Would you call that summer perfume or winter ?

  12. Love your reviews and love Euphoria- my winter scent.
    White Patchouili – my summer scent.
    Portrait of a Lady & Shalimar Initial (sadly discont!)- my special occas/going out scents.
    Coromandel – my 'if in need of comfort' scent.

  13. Reminds me of black opium but better and lasts for hours. I’m ready to wear in the fall months. CK makes beautiful fragrances, people don’t really say much about CK perfumes

  14. Endless euphoria is the best of the best 💝💝

  15. I purchased a tester online and it came in a green liquid instead of the pink. The diluted scent was also a problem. But just for general knowledge can testers sometimes come in a different liquid color?

  16. Your reviews are beautiful. I could listen to you all day long.

  17. I do have Endless Euphoria by Calvin Klein 6.7 oz, it has an amazing smell as well.

  18. You are so great at describing notes and giving people a general idea of a fragrance. This is my signature scent. My boyfriend always tells me to "wear the one in the weird bottle." I found it while searching for a fragrance that is reminiscent of my favorite Caress Sheer Twilight body wash. It isn't an exact match, but it is a more mature "motherly" version of Sheer Twilight in the best way. I love woody notes in fragrance. I'm usually not a floral girl, but it is such a beautiful, well-rounded perfume. I love how it softens and becomes a sweeter powdery floral, but still keeps that dark, woody base underneath. This perfume makes me feel sexy and confident. Love this one. Great review as always.

  19. Omg you haven't had a persimmon yet? 😨 you absolutely should! It's sweet unique taste aside the texture is sexy. It's my favorite fruit along with mango. 😋

  20. I love " Euphoria" .it's in my top 5 for years. Great review! 🙂

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