Kendall Jenner Speaks Her Truth in #MYCALVINS|CALVIN KLEIN

Kendall Jenner lays on a blue backdrop in an otherwise dark room. Soon she gets up to a room full of screens — phone screens. The model and reality star knows the world follows her on Instagram, but she only lets them see what she shows them. The latest campaign from CALVIN KLEIN.

Directed by Jonas Lindstroem.

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15 comentarios sobre «Kendall Jenner Speaks Her Truth in #MYCALVINS|CALVIN KLEIN»

  1. Yep that is true. She is very closed up

  2. She lost the highest like record to an egg

  3. I don't know why but I hate her like shit..!

  4. Kendall jenner is really the black sheep of the family….. But still I love her

  5. when its the first time you see someone and all you see is the truth

  6. She is just adorable and pretty I love KENDALL Who loves Kendall?

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