Real Madrid 3 – 1 Real Sociedad – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 11/23/19

Real Madrid tuvo que sufrir nuevamente viniendo de atrás en el marcador para superar a Odergaard y la Real Sociedad.

Real Madrid suffering yet again in #LaLiga to come back from a negative result in which Real Sociedad had the upper hand.

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38 comentarios sobre «Real Madrid 3 – 1 Real Sociedad – HIGHLIGHTS & GOALS – 11/23/19»

  1. Bezema is better than Ronaldo in my opinion

  2. The raison is because dechamp is a racist just watch his face

  3. Whos ready for the big match tomorrow 🔥

  4. Lets see what happens with psg on tuesday

  5. Sociedad celebrated like the scored a winning goal haha

  6. Nobody:
    Ray Hudson: ". . takes a dozen freeze frame pictures. . "

  7. Nobody:
    Ray Hudson: ". . takes a dozen freeze frame pictures. . "

  8. Me gustaría que uno Del Real Madrid fugara en mexico o en argentina , papa , te rompen , y

  9. Parami ! Quien te sientes que eres , yo era lateral , y te prometo nadie Del Real Madrid me pasaba , por que mi orgullo es primero ( primero lo rompo , ) la verdad ,,

  10. Cortois should’ve had the save on that backpass.. unfair to blame him and it’s definitely Ramos fault but that was save able by any top keeper with good instincts

  11. lol Bale has 0 F ti give about those shitty fans

  12. If we forget about Ramos’s mistake. He played really good whole game

  13. It’s funny, I was just thinking what’s gonna happen after Ramos is done with Real Madrid and then he fucks up

  14. Ramos fking up none cares but if it was anyone else they would of eaten him alive

  15. Courtois actually played well. I miss my Chelsea boys

  16. But they can’t do this against Barca 🤦🏾‍♂️ just ass

  17. Tengo una queja bein sport con la app ayer me perdi el partido del barcelona porque cuando intentanba poner el proveedor con mi cuenta de optimum me dice que entre en alteci one y cuando entro me manda a crea una cuenta pero ya yo tengo cuenta no necesito crea una cuenta y me estoy perdiendo lo partido necesito ver la champion plea alguien que me ayude ?

  18. If Ronaldo was their it would be 7-0

  19. Nice game guys RMA❤️❤️💪💪💪

  20. I think tibo would of kept a clean sheet if Ramos didn’t give the ball away

  21. Something happen during the 2014 season that Real Madrid decide to buy for the future. If you look at the young players Real has and the way many are performing for their loan club it's insane.

  22. Beautifull soccer with Zidane, I don't know what's wrong with the media.

  23. Benzema and Modric, an assist favor for an assist favor.

  24. Benzema is on 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 and Hazard is gonna score against psg, and that's gonna be one of many goals. HALA MADRID

  25. What kind of commentators are these? WWE? Gotta be fucking kidding me!

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