endless euphoria Calvin Klein

Featuring Vanessa Axente. Directed by Fabien Baron.

calzoncillos ck el corte ingles – Compras en línea en Ropa de una gran selección de Bóxers, Slips, Tangas, Bóxers ajustados, Camisetas interiores, Térmicos y mucho más a precios bajos.

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19 comentarios sobre «endless euphoria Calvin Klein»

  1. Почему они бегают так неестествено?

  2. Need a break from the missery fueld main stream media.

  3. I was hoping this was a looping song of the other commercial…

  4. I wonder why they keep promoting the same perfume with a different song lol and now that the new commercial with that wildflower background song I can see why. They obviously got wayyyyyy more reception with the new commercial and we don't even know the fucking song!!

  5. Wie heißt das Lied ??? Name of song pls !!

  6. i think song is Yann Tiersen – First Rendez-Vous guys

  7. Even Shazam can't find the name of the song…. 

  8. How can you credit Axente and the director and not quote the music/producer? Play this on mute and you've lost half your ad. Please can you help set the standard CK. 

  9. these graphics of the commercial inspired me to write a book…. TO FIGMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. 480p… really? Where is 1080p? For this ad it's necessity…

  11. I want to know the title of the song.

  12. For me Euphoria is Natalia no one else.

  13. This is not the original song, and I love it. The cello(?) gives it a great feeling.
    Anyone knows where I can find this music?

    The video is amazing!

  14. Vanessa Axente is perfect for Calvin Klein

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