Real Madrid's patience with Eden Hazard has been surprising – Sid Lowe | La Liga

ESPN FC’s Sid Lowe, Craig Burley and Alejandro Moreno break down Eden Hazard’s slow start at Real Madrid and discuss why the Madrid derby vs. Atletico Madrid is such a crucial match for him.


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43 comentarios sobre «Real Madrid's patience with Eden Hazard has been surprising – Sid Lowe | La Liga»

  1. Hazard will not score 50 goals a season like the Iconic CR7 but he can assist and score around 25 goals

  2. 🤣🤣🤣 he looks a little tiny big

  3. A lot of similarities between hazard and coutinho situation. When coutinho joined barca he got injured and thereafter did not recover (like literally) the fans were brutal from the word go! I sense dejavu here. Just hoping I am proved wrong though

  4. Fatzard will never succeed in Real Madrid lol should have stayed in Chelsea 💯

  5. Players can just lose it whether it's confidence or something else it happened to Torres when he left Liverpool for Chelsea he was not even half the player he had been for Liverpool

  6. Is the number 7 is to heavy that is why get a other number

  7. The entire team sucks right now, bad time to judge him based on this. Also, it's only been 3 games lol

  8. We are stupid, got rid of navas, now this, as if we don’t have enough players. This is just stupid.

  9. There’s no another Ronaldo and that’s what Real Madrid and Perez still don’t get

  10. I dont know why these cows are barking against real… i afraid cows also bark….

  11. Hazard is a mediocre player. He is not that good and he never was.

  12. Respect to hazard for being like. I'm not there yet let me prove myself which I havent done yet.

  13. Hazard is a superstar but he is no Ronaldo

  14. Surprising patience with hazard after 3 games even though courtois went 7 months without a cleansheet…

  15. They should have buyed nymar instead of eden

  16. Surely, a mark of a great coach. When asked about Eden Hazard, Zinedine Zidane didn’t say anything that would demotivate the player, nothing negative, rather he said we are with him and he is with us. Good words motivate!!! Barca coach’s needs to learn from Zinedine.

  17. Espn is a joke man… Zidane is a great coach, he believes in the whole team & the team believes in him… there is obviously a lot of things that needs to be improved, but it's getting better and better at Madrid thinking about where they were last season

  18. Zidane is a tactical dipshit, how can you leave Bale and start with Vazquez what about Courtois and what about not starting Militao… better start using your brains or get out of there and let somebody else take your job!

  19. I didn’t say about Hazard they show you all Mather facker senacct but harzard believe me 1 Messi 2 Ronald 3 Hazard that true after second round Laliga you can see Hazard still he is good

  20. He play likes Messi but never makes goals….crazy but true..

  21. Ronaldo was injured. Came back. Scorer powerful header. No excuses. You should fkn score especially when someone spends over 100 million euros on you.

  22. He is of the best player on the planet
    He will surely perform
    Why so fuss?

  23. Hazard was not consistent in his play even in EPL. Sterling Mane and Barnardo were much better than him. He is going to be another Bale or Ozil over there. He is much below Kevin DyBryne

  24. It takes time, Ronaldo has a slow start too when he got to Madrid.

  25. Look like madrid back on track look like they are a better squad than Barca now

  26. Jersey number 7 is too much for him I'm not against harzad but Truth to be told

  27. Give him diet i mean give him time !!

  28. The guy is literally the face on fifa 20 cover, including all the hype surrounding him… yes! They will have some patience with him. But if Real bought him for goals, well then what a waste of money, cos he is not a goal scorer, but a playmaker/facilitator.

  29. If u don't like hazard .please just bring him home .Stamford bridge.we miss him already

  30. Imagine Hazards becomes anither Sanchez🤭

  31. Hazard is an attacking midfielder, not a winger. They are trying to replace Ronaldo which is not a good idea. Same thing as what Barca did to Coutinho, he's a good attacking midfielder but they tried to replace Neymar with him.

  32. Real Madrid right in this moment play like Manchester Utd . Pathetic. They both have/had good players but the atmosphere in the club seems toxic.

  33. Mark my words, Inter Milan will win Serie A. Not Juventus under Sarri. The man is a fraud and Hazard kept Sarri job alive whilst at Chelsea

  34. They are patient because they know what he can do at his best and these guys are so extra give him time to adapt you are saying this like you guys are footballers or legends but you are not

  35. He should just come back to Chelsea. He'd be more than welcome to join the new team under Frank

  36. Real Madrid didnt dunction for two seasons ? M sure talking about ur Awful money wasteful PSG

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