What Gareth Bale did during the game left Real Madrid fans speechless | Oh My Goal

What was Gareth Bale doing during the Real Madrid match against Valencia? Gareth Bale continues to infuriate Real Madrid fans. In this video, discover what Gareth Bale did during the Real Madrid match against Valencia to drive the fans crazy.


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35 comentarios sobre «What Gareth Bale did during the game left Real Madrid fans speechless | Oh My Goal»

  1. He was on his phone on the bench, playing our Comment of the Week game! If you want to be like Gareth Bale, make sure to comment on all of our videos and community posts. The best comment will be featured in an upcoming video!

  2. This is what happens when you bench him, I'm a Barca fan but this not fair for bale after Cr7 departure bale is the best player in Madrid not even hazard has his talent but real Madrid are making big mistake by letting him go


  4. J Q

    I like Madrid but… He feels unappreciated there. I dont see nothing wrong here if I was in his shoes. What is he going to do? Cry? That wont help real madrid! Putting him in the game will… If he is being paid that much, then use him!!! He is really talented, but if you are not playing, what is he going to do? Be sad? Nah… He did the right thing. Hes just trying to stay positive thats all…

  5. What's the big deal? He anyways wasnt playing

  6. if he does or doesn't do a bottle flip it won't change the game
    why have real madrid fans forgotten the goals that he scored for us in liga and Champions league

  7. Like tbh it's not his fault he isnt playing so he is trying to pass the time if I'm not being played sure i will do the same

  8. This video suddenly became about Courtois


  10. Im actualy on his side. Hes not put on the starting 11 anymore

  11. If you are put on the bench what are you suppost to do

    Once when Marcelo was on the bench he was doing tricks with a ball and cracking jokes with the others on the bench

    But when Gareth just does some stupid bottle flips
    Madrid fans get all upset about it

    We get it you don’t like Him
    but why the f*ck are you getting amgry at him for doing something when
    he is bored

  12. he did won a few important games for real madrid, especially those few important champions leagues game few years back. we should be thankful for what he did. and when hes on the pitch he still did his best, its not like hes just doing shitty things in the pitch. he still put in his efforts.

  13. Remember the only legend to retire at real Madrid is Zidane ….. Nobody else

  14. Ok, lets make a video, any ideas? Oh I know gareth bale was spotted laughing and doing bottle flips in the reserve bench. Let’s make a video about that and criticise him more. Now that’s content. 😀👍

  15. You guys don’t have anything else than criticise him or what?

  16. They should put courtois for striker

  17. Does how players are when they have problem with their wives

  18. is he supposed to cry….if they want results let him atleast play….
    or else flipping bottle is no crime..😂😂😂

  19. Believe me no Madrid fan cares that bale flipped a bottle why don't you make a video about how good bale player in yesterday's clasico

  20. What's the big deal about a bottle flip ?

  21. The fans are so unappreciative he won the champions league for them in 2018. At least have some respects Madrid fans

  22. Bale is bottle flipping his chances on Real Madrid 🥶🥶

  23. There's nothing wrong going on with bale it is just that Madrid aren't using him at his high potential. He is one the greatest players, mark my words!

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