Do Manchester City’s EPL struggles take pressure off them vs. Real Madrid? | Champions League

ESPN FC’s Adrian Healey, Alejandro Moreno, Craig Burley, Julien Laurens and Steve Nicol look ahead to the heavyweight match between Real Madrid and Manchester City in the UEFA Champions League round of 16. Nicol and Moreno disagree on whether Man City’s lacklustre showing in the Premier League this season creates more or less pressure on Pep Guardiola’s men to perform on the European stage.


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26 comentarios sobre «Do Manchester City’s EPL struggles take pressure off them vs. Real Madrid? | Champions League»

  1. N p

    Can anybody explain the term 'odd' ??

  2. I will be back here after the game telling you that i knew city will win.

  3. im not rlly worried about us against real cause they r struggling lately soooooooooooo

  4. i love sane but i wouldn't mind him 2 leave 4 sancho tho

  5. battle of the baldies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Man City will be so much more healthier presumably by the 1st tie.

  7. Madrid only hope is Benzema so I would go for city lolpl

  8. I think many in England are mistakenly assuming that Real Madrid are still in the same vein of form that they were in last season and the beginning of this season….that might be a hindrance to City if they set up to face that kind of Madrid side should the latter's current improvement continue

  9. Juv vs real.. would be so great to watch

  10. Madrid will probably win it, but it won't be easy for sure

  11. psg and city WILL NOT WIN. call it refereeing bias or whatever, u will see.

  12. i swear god both leg real will lose

  13. I'm happy they are considering Madrid as the underdog.

  14. They spelt quarterfinals wrong at 1:55 how do they spell one right and one wrong

  15. January 1st: Man City sign Messi for a record £300million

  16. Hasn't Zidane beaten Guardiola before in Champions league. Semi Final?! 🤔

  17. Real have Ramos. City beware. The idea of just concentrating on 1 tournament over another is absurd to say the least. Stevie should know better. The great Liverpool teams he was part of won everything. Great teams all have that winning mentality. Which is what Klopp has done with his Liverpool team. That's why they're at such a great position in both the EPL & UCL.

  18. 50-50 ya'll are cuckoo
    MC will smash Real

  19. the real prediction will be done after el classico 🔥🔥

  20. i think madrid will go through cz
    1. they have best midfield (kroos-casemiro-valverde), best right back(Carvajal) and deadly attacking trio (Hazard, Benzema and asensio).
    2. zidane's Madrid has 100% record in UCL Knockout stages
    3. Marcelo is always gonna be there for big show as he offers alot in attack but poor defensively

  21. I actually wanted Madrid tbh it's time we faced the elites

  22. What are we witnessing? Steve nicol is talking some sense, this is a new experience

  23. But if they’re not winning the league then they have to win the ucl meaning it’s more pressure

  24. So according to these pundits RealMadrid is an underdog 😂 what a joke man! This is their competition

  25. These pundits sound like me and my friends in a bar talking rubbish about football. I like them though, at least there are some idiots somewhere doing what we do as well

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