Calvin Klein – Spring / Summer 2011 Menswear Fashion Show

Calvin Klein 2011 Spring/Summer menswear full fashion show.

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28 comentarios sobre «Calvin Klein – Spring / Summer 2011 Menswear Fashion Show»

  1. I'm over commercial models on the runway

  2. 2nd one would look better if he unzipped the jacket.

  3. its ironic that the song is take a walk on the wild side but the show is really boring

  4. que hombres, parecen que los operaran para verse todos iguales, pero estan muy buenos jajaja

  5. i luv Calvin klein but after this collections im disappointed it looks like a Chinese abortion

  6. @fu5k "STOP IT" its boring as hell if u cant accept it turn on your PC and watch for 11 minutes you ll know how we bleed here

  7. WOW…….Calvin Klein has always been one of my favourite designers – Always so original and suave, for both women and men!
    Its also a dream of mine to be on that runway one day – Most people tell I have strong model looks and not to sound boastful, but I'm sure I could bring something fresh to male runway modelling…And I wasn't always the most interested until a few months ago…Glory be to God that in a year or two, I am booked and will continue to be BOOKED…

  8. The models just wanna get out of there as soon as they can. lol

  9. with all due respect this is kinda lame

  10. @alebrije78
    i love some of the pieces especially when it comes to the end of the show; the 'bling-bling' metallic jacket .
    but im pretty agree with the "sleepy" effect . i almost SLEEP ok . the music ! & the walk !

  11. @Shabobala
    i know ! but it's kinda funny when he was about to make the u-turn thing . he seems to be confused when he should u-turn . heee but the eyes did killing the small mistakes btw .

  12. @madtwatterd men's fashion week is in milan..and its usually a few weeks before the women's weeks start…so most designers (even though based otherwhere) show their men's line in milan

  13. This show was in Ny or in another city???

  14. so this is where the simple minded people hang.

  15. Stop criticizing about the models, clothes, haircut and what so ever. If your eyes are "bleeding" from watching this runway, I think you should organize your own runway and see how fashion designers "bleed".

  16. @danelbertrand1 At least this is an OFFICIAL runway. Rather than you walking to the toilet as if it's a runway because your shit is at the edge. That's what I call awful.

  17. lol.. is pretty bad.. but i still what it

  18. OMG!!! Ugly clothes, Ugly Models, NASTY HAIRCUT!!!!! WHAT THE HELL!!!! not to mention the walk, so weird… I didn't like it at all!!!! D-:

  19. the music is walk on the wild side by lou reed

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