GOALS & HIGHLIGHTS | Real Madrid 0-0 Atlético (4-1 penalties) | Spanish Super Cup

Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid were crowned Spanish Super Cup champions after beating Atlético Madrid after a penalty shootout (4-1) with goals from Dani Carvajal, Rodrygo Goes, Luka Modric and Sergio Ramos and a fantastic display from goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois.

#RMSuperCopa | #Supercampeones





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22 comentarios sobre «GOALS & HIGHLIGHTS | Real Madrid 0-0 Atlético (4-1 penalties) | Spanish Super Cup»

  1. This cup can give a confidence for the Real, after the last horrible season.

  2. Federico Valverde should be our emblem 💪🔥

  3. Federico Valverde should be our emblem 💪🔥

  4. It's unusual to see RM title celebration without CR7 among the players. RM was shining brighter with CR7 in its rows and with his "Siu!.." in my opinion.

  5. Man of the match: Courtois Our Hero: Valverde

  6. Valverde- What should I do?
    Ramos- You know what you have to…
    Valverde- yeah got it bro…😁Watch me now
    Ramos- That's my boy!

  7. WoW rEAl MaDriD bEsT iN SpaIN!!

  8. 2:28 did the crowd say “Siuu”?😂

  9. For those saying Ramos is copying cr7…Both ramos and cr7 (together) formed the sii celebration

  10. Courtois la estrella Valverde el héroe

  11. Simeone siempre ha ser segundo tercero de los grandes xq es un fracaso como técnico y colaboro con el DESCENSO de riBer . Quédate allá nomás Simeone seguí fracasando allá. Q.E.P.D.

  12. With the form these two keepers have been in I didn’t expect that many goals

  13. Hope this trophy does not fall

  14. When Ramos scored and celebrated Lisseeaeyeyib audience interaction with him

  15. he did cr7 skills after socering
    the goal

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