Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid highlights: Zidane's side wins it in penalties | Spanish Supercopa

The Spanish Supercup returns to Madrid after Real Madrid beat runners-up Atletico Madrid in penalties. Zinedine Zidane’s side are the last ones standing in a tournament that also featured Barcelona and Valencia. Atletico Madrid had their share of chances to score in regulation and extra time, with Joao Felix, Alvaro Morata and Angel Correa coming the closest, but in the end, Saul and Thomas each missed their penalties during the shootout and Real Madrid took advantage to win the title.

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31 comentarios sobre «Real Madrid vs. Atletico Madrid highlights: Zidane's side wins it in penalties | Spanish Supercopa»

  1. Morata: Time to score… haha
    Federico Valverde: Umm… Are you sure about that?

  2. Imagine what Was going on throughs Valverde mind while chasing morata

  3. 700th comment Real Madrid biggest win in years 🐈🐇🐿🕊

  4. Horrible commentator(s). Who tf is Korea

  5. M.

    Only a 1-match ban for Valverde? And I thought the corruption had ended. Silly me.

  6. Real madrid didn't deserve to win

  7. Thank you real madrid for winning Atletico, those cheating bastards got what they deserved, I'm a Barca fan but I find it stupid that people get mad that what valverde did was "unfair", you gotta do things to win, it was smart in my opinion

  8. This game looked like a preseason friendly.

  9. Como no an podido ganar la liga. Dicen que no les interesa sus adn es la champion es lo unico Que an robado. Y se mueren por una super copa ridiculous

  10. I'm close to graduate as a nurse student in College and this **** team of Atletico the Madrid haven't won't a tittle. I'm so disappointed. I'm done liking Atletico de Madrid. No more football for me. So many years supporting them, and no change. Bye football.

  11. Morata wasn’t gonna score that. He’s a flop

  12. Most boring commentary ever 😴

  13. This commentator must not come back

  14. Sergio Ramos almost let out Cristiano Ronaldo's "SIUUUUU" celebration accidentally lol

  15. “Navas is better” hahaha suck that losers haha

  16. Valverde took one for the team and won it for real

  17. Lord Murata? Now if only there were some football players named Ono Muzan and Mikhael Yoriichi!

  18. Madrid played well but sadly Madrid was better

  19. If this is how they struggle man city will destroy them

  20. Valverde did the exact same thing as his uruguayan companion but without his hands

  21. No guarantee that Morata was gonna score…but Valverde won it for Real with that tackle lol

  22. Hahaha Atlético Madrid can’t catch a break vs Real Madrid.

  23. Lol watching cus my school decided to not put me on the team. Sad boi hours

  24. Valverde: The Hardest Choices Require The Strongest Wills.
    Also Valverde: Snap!
    Takes the super cup from the hands of the Atlético de Madrid and gives it to Real Madrid.