Calvin Klein Modern FLX Underwear Try on Haul!

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this video is not sponsored all underwear were paid out of my own pocket.

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in this video I show you the Modern Flx range that Calvin Klein brought out earlier this year and let me tell you I kinda sleeped on this underwear i put off reviewing it because I thought of the low price point it might be another horrible base range underwear but I was quite surprised by these trunks and Hip briefs.

For the lower end of the price spectrum these pairs of undies are actually great quality and feel really smooth and comfortable to touch against the skin it also features a more jacquard feeling bands which gives this underwear a bit more depth. it also comes in a variety of great colours which is great if you are looking for more than just the basic black, white and grey. It really holds it own with the band having the matching colour as the base underwear too which is fun and playful for everyday underwear.

lets talk about the trunks first I picked up the trunks in a storm grey colour which is quite different to a regular grey cause it has almost flecks of some other rustic colours that give this grey colour more dimension the fit on the trunks are very comfortable probably one of the best for the rival budget lines like CK One and ID. It sits quite comfortable on the waist and the band feels smooth, if you have wider thighs these have a decent stretch to see you through the winter thats coming. it supports the boys and ass pretty well even without any extra seams to add that kind of support overall this is quite a great everyday basic underwear especially for the price.

moving on to the hip briefs I picked up in a royal blue colour these were by far my favourite especially for a hip brief these were super comfortable and not too tight on the inner thighs the support was there and it felt smooth on the skin. if you buy the correct size of underwear for yourself you wont have any problems needing to adjust yourself throughout the day since these stay quite nice on the leg and feel comfortable through your day from start to finish.

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  1. What even is this channel? This isn’t pornhub 😒

  2. Love a good hip brief! Need to look into getting a pair!

  3. Your underwear looks great. I'll have to buy the same one. Review of the really enjoyed it, I am a South Korean. I hope you get along well with each other Can you give me permission?

  4. the blue briefs look great on you!!!

  5. Hi Mikee uh you look gorgeous in your new underwear. Now to me you are so super sexy and your package is really big bigger the better.

  6. Love the blue!!! You look great in them!!!!

  7. The blue ones show off your knob better! 😜

  8. I love your vids and they both look great on you

  9. Im waiting for you to review the latest 1987 Bold underwear.

  10. Hi mikee both brief and trunks well fit for you normal designs from calvin Klein CORPORATION.-from S.lndian inner garments designer.

  11. I like the heather gray. They really accentuate your booty!

  12. The blue briefs look great on you.

  13. What size are your underwear? You are hot do you wear thongs?

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