5 Reasons Why Real Madrid Shouldn't Have Sold Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus

5 Reasons Why Real Madrid Shouldn’t Have Sold Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus

This video showcases how valuable Cristiano Ronaldo was to Real Madrid and why they never should have sold him.

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20 comentarios sobre «5 Reasons Why Real Madrid Shouldn't Have Sold Cristiano Ronaldo to Juventus»

  1. But now Real Madrid is better then Barca

  2. Haha madrid loses without ronaldo

  3. was and remains a big big big big mistake real madrid let CR7 out.
    Real madrid either had more than an obligation to defend the player and everyone's interest.

  4. Wow
    He is amazing guy.
    No one can stop him.

  5. Its basically a lost deal for both side. Ronaldo lost the Ballon and Real lost 50 goals per season.


  7. You will never see Messi scoring that far from the goal…

  8. I absolutely luved when the commentator said "YOU DON'T SAVE THOSE", OUTOF THIS WORLD ".

  9. Is CR7 bro! He makes the difference, he makes is team stronger, he makes football much more beautiful, he is the best player ever, that man Change everything. Living Legend!!!!!!!

  10. No way , and not in any price , real madrid should release the best player of the club in all time – and now when they see CR7 in Juventus , all real madrid fan cry …..

  11. Madrid sold ronaldo because he wanted to leave. People complaining real madrid being stupid or bad.. they had to let him leave… dumb peope speaking without a clue..

  12. Madrid without Ozil and Ronaldo === Zero

  13. I H

    Well…. He wasn't a great defender, so goals against real are not really the argument here, but still: Ronaldo is the best.

  14. I so much love Christiano Ronaldo and I i will forever hate Messi is idiot and all bacelona

  15. Great player he should have move to bayern rather than the old ladies😂😉

  16. Real Madrid without Cr7 is nothing

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