8 Real Madrid legends who were booed by their own fans | Oh My Goal

Real Madrid fans have booed their biggest legends at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium… Cristiano Ronaldo, Zidane, Raul, Iker Casillas, but also Marcelo and Gareth Bale. Discover 8 Real Madrid stars who were booed by the public at the Santiago Bernabeu.

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29 comentarios sobre «8 Real Madrid legends who were booed by their own fans | Oh My Goal»

  1. We Madrid fans are the bast.
    We boo our player to realise them that they are not playing best football.
    We Madrid always go for the best.
    Hala Madrid. World champion.

  2. I kinda understand why they booed R9 as he used to play for Barca but it's wrong to boo about his conditions

  3. After seeing bale on the list
    I went upside down 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

  4. You should give respect to your legends

  5. No one can play for Real Madrid forever

  6. Before the video started it was obvious Bale would be on the list

  7. Iker is the one who made the difference.He won very thing with real Madrid and spain.#respect

  8. This is one of the reasons I hate real Madrid, they have no respect for their legend . What a shame 😤😤😤

  9. Messi has been booed by barcelona fan
    Messi:its okay. I am leaving barcelona
    Fan:please dont!!!

  10. and they regret CR7 leaving to Juventus.

  11. How did Marcus alonso kill someone?🧐

    Make a video

    Like if you are agree

  12. I'm a die hard madrid fan but will never ever do this to someone who has given everything for this badge.😞

  13. The Thing is real madrid fans are the worst, and they dont deserve these legends

  14. They shouldve boo jesse lingard, perez, lopetegui

  15. why is Bale on this list, he is not a legend at all. He has had a couple of good seasons but nothing amazing.

  16. Thats just the pressure at Real Madrid, that will never change

    even after 3 champions leagues in a row there is just no mercy

    HALA MADRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIID!! #ZidanecantbebeatintheCHL

  17. When I heard bale I thought it was going to be because of golf

  18. Am a madrid fan from Bangladesh love everyplayer who ever played for real 🖤🖤

  19. I think that is why I don't like real madrid

  20. Well yeah because it was all the good players getting bood and htf did u get from 6 to 2

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