Reacting to Calvin Klein's Fall 2018 Fashion Show ft. Kaia Gerber and Raf Simons

Raf Zaddy came in clutch with this collection.
Raf Simons’ third collection for Calvin Klein was spectacular. Popcorn floors, dystopian Amish dresses, and looks sanitation workers would kill for.

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42 comentarios sobre «Reacting to Calvin Klein's Fall 2018 Fashion Show ft. Kaia Gerber and Raf Simons»

  1. Well this showed up on my Youtube homepage .. #Rip Calvin Klein

  2. I love the new format, seeing your expressions as you describe the collections adds genuine emotional emphasis.

  3. always love your clothes, and you're so smart for your age, this is definitely the best channel for fashion lovers♥️

  4. Nice to see your face, but clip bigger, your face more to the side, please!

  5. You could be noel or liam Gallagher son

  6. Now that I have seen American Horror Story Apocalypse ,these clothes would be perfect for the show, since the only people who would wear these clothes,would be in underground bunkers so no one can see how ugly these clothes are.

  7. Oh I just got so pissed, Sent Bird only ships in the US fuck me why don't you

  8. How can you critique anything. You may have an educated background on fashion but you certainly don't have style. Most of the things I've seen you wear in your videos are hideous. You ought to take a look at yourself before you go round evaluating others. You look like something stepped out of the 70s and not in a good way. Also ever heard of concealer and eyebrow trimmers. Who would take advice from you. Beyond me

  9. a third of your video is a commercial before you got to the point.

  10. we love you for representing trans males fashion gods.

  11. Are you fucking kidding me? The Collection was SHIT!!

  12. As much as I love to see your face. I do wish there was still the voice over on the shots your talking about so I could still see them. They were too small to really make out on my phone which I'm sure a lot of your viewers watch it on.

  13. Love you ! So excited for you videos ❤️

  14. girl this is a good show no want to see you

  15. Do you think it would be feasible to split the screen down the middle, news reporter style with you talking on one side and the videos of the runways the same size as you on the other side. I like to see you speaking but the screen but the videos of the shows are too small to see very well

  16. I love your commentary on this collection. You articulate your ideas so well that I totally can see why you loved the clothes…but I thought this was a Raf Simons collection, not Calvin Klein, except for a few outfits here and there. I co-sign Andrew Ritchie’s comment here – who happens to be my partner, lol! – that it’s off brand. But I appreciate it as a Raf Simons collection.

  17. Or, just reverse what you did in this video and put your face in the smaller box

  18. Great commentary, good to see your face. However, I think you should do a 50/50 split screen so that we can actually see the looks up close while they move. The window is a bit small. great idea though!

  19. Why don’t you talk about the last show of Carolina Herrera as creative designer for her house.

  20. Could you do a video on the controversy around Canada goose or using animal product's in general… I think it would be intresting to see it from a fashion point of view rather than and animal rights one. Btw I'm loving your vids you keep my interest in fashion alive x

  21. Love this format ! It’s like we a chatting on the sofa

  22. One of the most appalling collections i've ever seen from Raf. Felt like my eyeballs were assaulted by some of the looks. Worst even from his Dior days.

  23. So Raf had a concept, did he execute it well? No. Will the collection sell? Yes, because the pieces, individually, are wearable. Also, because people treat Raf like a king. I really tried to love the collection, but much like Demna and Virgil, they are running out of tricks to pull out of their sleeves.

  24. Luke, loved the video!! The only thing, it's that as other comments here, I'd advice you to try another layout so we can see the clothing in a bigger picture. Try half on half, like half of the screen, you, half, the show. Pardon my English

  25. Hey Luke, you’re probably sick of me commenting but I just appreciate your content so much. So much you’ve inspired me to make my own channel which I never thought would be something I would do. Any tips to make a channel half as fabulous as yours?
    With Love, Annie x

  26. Congrats on the sponsorship! This collection was fugly. I don't understand, you bash beautiful collections and praise trashy weird ones. These things aren't wearable.

  27. Yes sis. The in person vids are better. 🙂

  28. Omg…i loved this collection…but …it's not wearable at all.

  29. an actual positive video? not a roast or a moan?

  30. after his menswear and this collection, we have decided to stan forever

  31. Where are the models of colour!?!? *NAOMI VOICE*

  32. I'd rather stick pinn's in my eyes.

  33. Love these videos! Keep them coming please ~

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