Real Madrid vs. Sevilla analysis: Casemiro coming into his prime? | La Liga

ESPN FC’s Ross Dyer and Steve Nicol take a deeper look at Real Madrid’s 2-1 win vs. Sevilla. Casemiro shined for Real Madrid scoring both goals, his first career multi-goal game. Nicol says Zinedine Zidane has turned things around for Real Madrid as they are hitting their stride heading into the business end of the season.

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44 comentarios sobre «Real Madrid vs. Sevilla analysis: Casemiro coming into his prime? | La Liga»

  1. Stevie is so negative when it comes to everything but Liverpool 🤦🏾‍♂️

  2. Busquets is still better than him

  3. The things with ESPN is that they think Van Dijk is the only good defensive-minded player in the world. Otherwise, the only time a player gets attention is by scoring goals. Casemiro scoring goals has nothing to do with being in his prime. He's been at his best for years now. The only step he could take to make him a better player is to be able to dictate play, which he probably never will do. As far as being a DM, he's top class.

  4. Casemiro is by far the most underrated player in the world

  5. ESPN 1 month ago: When will Zidane get fired?

    ESPN Now: mAdRid sO guD

  6. both his goals were proper strikers goals

  7. Teams planning about their forwards but midfielders and defenders win the match

  8. They are without

  9. The best thing about Zidane is he is not concerned about wts going around..focus Ur game

  10. Steve Nicol is total nut job Jovic doesn’t need sympathy 😂😂😂 his teammates are supporting him and that’s what he needs .

  11. Why tf do people forget about zidane's league title? 😂 He won it against one of the best Barca sides. Who had the op MSN

  12. Coming into his prime? If ye morons watched football, apar from the PL, you would know he has been bossing the CDM spot for a while know. Ever since Zidane arrived for his 1st stint, casemiro has been excellent. Rn he's the best CDM. Fabinho before his injury was excellent, kante was brilliant too. But Casemiro has consistently been in the top 3 CDMs since the 15-16 season. He's hardly been in a bad form.

  13. Finally someone giving some credit for zidane

  14. Casemiro was in his Prime when Real Madrid won 3 Champions in a row.

  15. These guys obviously don’t want Madrid games. Casemiro has been the most important player for Madrid ever since zidane introduced him into the first team.

  16. So suddenly a guy does insanly good in 1 game he becomes the superstar? Do you guys actually watch football? Casemiro is a fine player he is just at the same level as Bosquests in Barcelona, Are they super -stars? no. are they important to the team? yes. they play a really good role in the mid.

  17. I want to see real madrid attackers scoring goals , not midfielders or defenders

  18. imo casemiro should be the next madrid captain

  19. Casemiro is the engine for Real Madrid. He is in his prime

  20. That’s bad news for man city 🤣

  21. Hahaha casemiro is a joke. He is average player.. messi kills him eveytime madrid play barca.

    KANTE #1

  22. Jovic is still a better striker than you guys are analysts.

  23. Explain why Real Madrid forwards aren't performing, it's a fact that a clear majority of RM goals are coming from their defenders and midfielders.

  24. Now we are talking Stevie 😂😂

  25. Casemiro has been one of the reasons for Madrid’s success during the 3 champions leagues run. To say that he is just now getting good is borderline disrespectful to a footballer of his calibre.

  26. The goal he scored against juventus in the CL final

  27. Honestly Casemiro been lowkey balling for a while now. Similar to what we saw from Kanté, I wouldn’t be shocked to see him start to some more goals to his game on the regular, and that’s gonna be a PROBLEM for other teams

  28. Casemiro actually playing striker at first before become CDM.. that why he love to score like striker

  29. casemiro is a legend, 4 champions league titles in his 4 first seasons at madrid being a main piece, never seen before, and still 27, Brazil won the copa america with him, lost the world cup the only match he didnt played

  30. Casemiro best CDM is about to destroy Europe
    Kante needs to leave Chelsea

  31. All he needed was for Zidane to call him a "monster" 😉

  32. I remember ppl were mad bc he benched Isco and James in 2016 lol

  33. Hala Madrid. Best team in the world. Btw all premier league players are overhyped

  34. Madrid conceded the least across top 5 leagues in Europe 🗣🗣🗣 put some respek on zizou and courtois lol 😤

  35. Real Madrid need to score more goals sins Cristiano leave and That’s no matter at all who is scoring. We need just goals from everyone you saw the Real Madrid keeper vs Valencia he came up and head the ball Benzema scored that’s a clear example. You don’t need at all say that i am surprise because Casemiro win the match.

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