Will Gabriel Martinelli leave struggling Arsenal for Real Madrid? | Transfer Rater

ESPN FC’s Mark Donaldson and Alejandro Moreno react to the latest transfer rumors from the world of football including: Arsenal’s Gabriel Martinelli to Real Madrid, Boca Juniors’ Carlos Tevez on loan to Manchester United, Napoli’s Fernando Llorente to Inter Milan, Arsenal’s Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Barcelona and Napoli’s Kalidou Koulibaly to Manchester United.

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38 comentarios sobre «Will Gabriel Martinelli leave struggling Arsenal for Real Madrid? | Transfer Rater»

  1. Real Madrid is a joke…COYG…

  2. Arsenal will not sell easily until they are offer better price for the players they are targeting from other clubs

  3. For real arsenal always that the these guys don’t care about . All ex manu players on this pondit

  4. Like I said, the combined IQ on that panel doesn't reach triple digits.

  5. ESPN is always talking rubbish and nightmare.

  6. Will espn sell it Chanel to sky sports?

  7. How come Ceballos is not being discussed when it comes to Arsenal struggling and him leaving.

    British media is bunch of egoistic lunatics who hates Arsenal because it was brought to high level of competitiveness by a French.

  8. Martinelli is good let him develop don't hype him and start these baseless rumours

  9. Arsenal just got him from brazil few months ago and you're already talking about Madrid transfer. You guys are haters.

  10. Erling Haland is the best martinelli is jus lucky to score bet let him play more matches he won't score non Erling Haland is the second aubamayan period

  11. People getting paid alot of money and that's all they have, says alot about ESPN

  12. Nice joke. Arsenal days of selling stars are over. It's man utd you should be worried about. Martinelli is staying at arsenal for life. Real Madrid have enough Brazilians at the moment.

  13. The fact that they even putting up this video title is pathetic

  14. Arsenal is beast ESPN whats your deal?

  15. Just cos we're not doing any business LOL you have to invent something. He's on a five year contract and his future is in North London.

  16. Hasn’t even been a whole season & already got Madrid stalking 🤦🏾‍♂️

  17. Suarez dont play in tight areas though,Aubameyang has scored more goals than him for the last 5 seasons .

  18. ACL

    love how he develops an accent when a name comes up

  19. Brazilian player: a
    Real Madrid : ok, I pay

  20. No he wont leave.. Arsenal today have potential.. Even if we cant qualify champions league this year, i am confident that we will be big team that compete for the title in the next season..

  21. Arsenal scouting did great, picking him up from 2nd division in brazil

  22. Arsenal fan just here to say if you think Manchester United cant attract a player like Koulibaly you're out of your mind. Manchester United are still the biggest team in England no matter how they are doing and how much we all dislike then 😂

  23. The only things will leave is your face and your ESPN lots

  24. Why would Madrid even need him when they have Vinicius, Rodrygo, Brahim Diaz, Odegaard, and Asensio filling their flanks for upcoming years?

  25. “A couple of good games”. But he’s an Arsenal player so makes sense why they’ll hate on him. He’s a star on the up. Keen🔥. COYG!! In Arteta we trust

  26. This pundits have a sheer agenda come on martinelli ain't going any where.

  27. Hope Martinelli chooses to play for 🇮🇹 Italy 🙏

  28. How do these people get jobs as experts of anything! Pretty poor “analysis”. Sky Sports and BBC still the standard bearers. Which isn’t hard!

  29. ESPN comes out with the biggest load of BS getting their statements from unreliable sources

  30. Y’all bored espn too much talking let the kid play and enjoy his football

  31. he is on the Radar and I won't blame him if he does…Arsenal is not a retaining club these days. Thanks to that greedy family.

  32. 17 years since their title wining season , arsenal have become the pre klopp Liverpool , to have a good Career martinelli should leave otherwise would be stuck like ozil and aubamyeng maybe not for Real Madrid because he won’t fit in there , but many options will come

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