Calvin Klein Body Men's Underwear Try On Haul

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this video is not sponsored all underwear were paid out of my own pocket.

In this video I show you the brand new line of underwear from calvin klein which is called Body this is a new version revamped of an old calvin klein underwear line.

Which still features the 100% cotton feel that the previous had In this I show the hip brief and trunks. there is a boxer brief style with buttons but I tend to find annoying and uncomfortable so I only have the trunks and hip briefs

The trunk style of Body Undies is a great fit and very supportive unlike the previous style it has a softer band and a nicer fit. the only downsides to this underwear is there is not stretch which makes it unsuitable for sports or anything that requires and added stretch.
Also this underwear needs to be washed at 30 degrees to avoid shrinkage and overall deterioration.

The hip brief lacks the support other models have so I really only reccomend this underwear if you really need a 100% cotton blend otherwise these undies aren’t as good as others in the lines that are available.

Overall the Body range is a great revamp of an old classic and is worth looking out for and trying!

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calzoncillos calvin klein baratos chinos – ENVÍO y DEVOLUCIÓN GRATIS*

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  1. Sorry for the delay in upload this video took way longer to process <3

  2. Is the blue and grey options still available in UK.

  3. What size is your waist in comparison to the size of the underwear, like did you have to go a size down cause it’s cotton or?

  4. As a designer I made my first samples in blue colour also I like only Calvin Klein styles-"THE PATTERN MASTER"-+919894890976-TIRUPPUR-S.INDIA

  5. Some people Just wear the underwear to sleep

  6. Calvin Klein underwear is the bestttt

  7. That blue was a really great colour; almost uncommon to see in men's underwear. But, that white hip brief on you was fantastic. You may have thought it too tight; butt, pun intended, it gave you a lovely round bum. Sorry, I hope that wasn't too pervy. Love your channel and keep up the great work!

  8. 😄 Awesome video my friend!!! keep in touch ❤❤😊❤❤ LIKE #108

  9. I love watching your video and yes I am a girl and I love to watch your video and you’re your YouTube channel 💋

  10. Hey can I get a shoutout I wanna reach 1k soon

  11. Hey ItsJustMikee, love the channel. I make Travel Vlogs myself, let me know if you would like to support one another's channels, much love from Canada <3

  12. Can u do a worn underwear review vid? Condition , see how they have kept. ?

  13. thats always my issue with Boxer Briefs, is that they ride up, just ordered some, lets see how they fit! great Video as always !

  14. When you're showing your undies off please quit fluttering around so much.

  15. Great i need them love your shoes

  16. Such a hot guy, great review 😍

  17. Great video and all of the underwear looked very nice on you. The white hip brief made it to the top of the choices. Keep up the great work.

  18. You look good in all of them. What's the semicircle seam in the back function?

  19. Love the hip brief in white. Looks hot

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