Real Madrid 'trending upward' while Barcelona regresses in La Liga title race – Moreno | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno examines the La Liga title race and explains what Real Madrid and Barcelona will need to do to lift the league trophy in May. Moreno says that despite Real Madrid’s current lead in the table, he doesn’t expect their upward trend to continue as Lionel Messi and Barca get used to new manager Quique Setien’s tactics and vision for the club.

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39 comentarios sobre «Real Madrid 'trending upward' while Barcelona regresses in La Liga title race – Moreno | ESPN FC»

  1. Real Madrid fans are unbelievable. They are always behind and suppoort their team no matter what and how.

  2. The panel really do let espn down

  3. Moreno realizes that it’s Setién’s 3rd game managing Barça right? 11 days on the job does not fix 2 years and a half of valverde destroying Cruyff football style.

  4. Say whatever you want but Real Madrid has the better squad for the last 5- years but no ones admitting is because they’re stuck in 2011 when barca was dominating

  5. Setian deserve some time whatever result will come

  6. Moreno just keep proving everyday that he doesnt know a lot about football.
    Who told him that Griezmann isnt drifting around because the manager asked him to?
    People have been spoilt by greats like Xavi and Iniesta and Scholes and Pirlo that they assume everyone can consistently make eye of the needle passes
    Even De Bruyne doesnt compare to those greats

  7. Its really confusing that in these videos THEY DON’T HAVE A SINGLE CLIP OF THE TOPIC JUST TALKING please implement clips to have the viewers follow up and be entertained on the videos topic rather then the whole video is just talking. I love these conversation videos but feel like the clips will do everybody justice I’m surprised nobody says anything about this

  8. Every year, pundits say Barcelona's chances of winning the league looks grim. And every year, Barcelona wins La Liga

  9. New Barca coach should give the time to make adapt players with his tactics
    And wait for some matches and look what Barca will show the real class
    Rakitic Messi Busquets Vidal pique will adapt soon to this tactics

  10. Messi had an OKAY game???
    Come on Moreno, say it, he had a terrible game.

    Freekicks wayward, not enough run-ins at opposition in the last third; most of which where quickly seized; passes inaccurate, no meaningful dribbles…

    Messi is one of the best but this was one of those games to forget.

  11. Real Madrid only win La Liga when Barcelona have an off-season. Barcelona are having an off-season.

  12. Oh now y’all want to praise Real Madrid. After hating on them. Get out of here

  13. All the doubters and haters are quiet.

  14. This season is made for real madrid

  15. Madrid are not even at their peak yet and they still look like a serious team of late. Now add a fully fit Hazard in the fold..No doubt Madrid will bag a title or two this season

  16. Barcelona without Messi is like Manchester United without Ferguson.

  17. The difference is.. Madrid identified their shortcomings and started to rebuild at the start of the season, and they can only get stronger.. while
    It took Barca board until this mid season to finally having the courage to change, and it’s a panic change.. where the players require times to adapt to new changes halfway through the season, it’s not easy..

  18. This shits hard to watch as an Atletico fan ;(

  19. I'm a Madrid fan but we can't let this lead get to our head. There are plenty of games left and we still have A LOT to improve at. Zizou himself said that its a celebration for now but we have a lot to work at if we want to keep this lead.

  20. Real Madrid is the European team with the less goals conceded.

  21. It's too soon to say those things

  22. First time I somewhat agree with these idiots

  23. Without Xavi Messi will never win another UCL. Same reason why Spain international team fell from their grace.

  24. Espn pundits hiding when Real Madrid deserves credit where is shaka 😏 that bias dude

  25. No one understands Barcelona's problems better than Moreno! Literally no one!

  26. Barca should ban their blue kit, cant remember a win in that kit

  27. Barça don't have a tactical issue. The problem are the players. An aging squad with a core of players on the wrong side of thirty, that has won everything multiple times. They lack fire, intensity and athleticism. Barça need a reboot in the summer. Ship out players like Pique, Alba, Busquets, Suarez, etc. and start new. Oh, and first and foremost get rid of president Bartomeu. As long as he is in charge, nothing will change.

  28. look this guy needs 10 slaps for what he said👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊

  29. all those salty madrid fans are now saying madrid will win, bruh , barca were top of the league for ages and didnt say they would win it+rma have a really hard game in derby,we ll see when they lose or draw.


  31. Im a Ronaldo and real Madrid fans Barcelona have Messi they wilt turn back 💪🏼

  32. Whoever Watched the Game between Barca And Valencia ? Well , it was not Setien's Fault at all , it was Players except Stegan , Messi And Vidal. I don't knw what Arthur was thinking , Barca needs someone like De Bruyne who can make impossible passes n can shoot boom. De Jong can do that but he's playin way too deep , he gotta stand high coz Arthur's not that good as a hitter. To win games ,ur mf needs to shoot as well , even Pep can't make Tiki Taka work in today's football even with Xavi , iniesta or whatever. Football has changed , Setien showed some positives but the mentality of the players is really bad rn , to make Barca look better ? Sign Koulibaly or just forget abt the Titles .this is comin out from a Madrid fan coz I want El Classico really good. Even though Real did didn't score in last Match , real was dominating throughout the match . Tbh I don't why people judging Setien so early , gotta give him 6-10 months atleast to knw how it works + 2-3 signings . U can't top in a week n that's why u gotta be calm , even at the start of this season , u heard people yelling ZidaneOut ? For real , he won 3 UCLs in a Row ? People r mentally ill now a days.

  33. Why do they keep bringing up the 800 hundred passes, Barcelona knows they aren't playing well, this isn't what intend to do.

  34. Barcelona only want to spend their money on overpriced players because having popular players translates to more revenue for the club. It’s all stupid, buy some quality f**** players in positions where they’re needed

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