AC Milan vs. Real Madrid, highlights, Champions Cup 1989


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35 comentarios sobre «AC Milan vs. Real Madrid, highlights, Champions Cup 1989»


  2. football was so much more hard core back the day.

  3. Ac Mlian has become shit now they even lost Against Tottenham!

  4. what the hell? did they switch jerseys?

  5. Nope. Real Madrid elimnatesd Milan 4 times, Milan eliminated REal 2 times

  6. madrid is shit against milan
    forzzzzzzzzzzza milan

  7. Puta milan. Milan are a bunch of italian shits who have to foul and get away.

  8. Years of Matusalen!! welcome to present day milan of Ronaldinho

  9. Milan vs Real the history show us that Milan crushed real all the time they meets. no dubat Milan is the team of all time in planet.

  10. your own words say you are. You hate to Real Madrid? That micron life, I pity you, because at least every two years earning a degree, so it touches you mourn

  11. real madrid the best team in the world forever and for allways. Halá Madrid!

  12. Real Madrid is the most piece of shit team in the world,look at their coaching staff last few years they have changed like the woman her close.I hate them for that they are such low life people.They have no respect whatsoever for the players they have now. Look how they treat them since Kaka and Ronaldo have arriaved .

  13. i doubt that… real madrid is about to become your papi chulo jajaja… bow downnn… on and p.s.- we just took aka from you… no chance anymore guys… hala madrid!

  14. Te very very very best team of all times.

    Milan always over spanish overrated teams.

    AC Milan is the father of Madrid and Barcelona jajaja

  15. ac milan is de beste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. there's also the international club title –> not only european. But then again i said total, i didn't say total of only CL and UEFA titles.

  17. oh no buddy i think it's you who should think again since i've played football since you weren't even born.

  18. what?! liverpool is no where near the top of the world in statistics.

  19. so? milan has won a lot more trophies than madrid in total.

  20. for me this is the actual european derby

  21. fuck milan, has always been a shit, always behind juve, real madrid is better and we kicked your milanist ass more times: look at the 1958 final

  22. No, it's Leo Beenhaker, the coach of Real Madrid in that time. Carlo Ancelotti was a member of the fantastic milan team, who kicked Real Madrids ass 5-0 at the european cup!!!!

  23. JOG ON REAL! LOL! Milan still the only team in the modern day to retain their title!

  24. Milan had really really good players..such as van basten, rijkaard, ancelotti, etc etc etc

  25. who was number 7 in ac milan?

  26. nacional (uru) 3 intercontintenales real madrid 3 intercontinentales milan 3 interc +1 copa mund boca 3 intercontinentales peñarol(uru) 3 intercontinentales los mejores clubes DEL MUNDO,,,,,,,,

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