Retro: Man by Calvin Klein Fragrance Review (2007)

A look into a forgotten CK among a long line of forgotten CK’s.

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9 comentarios sobre «Retro: Man by Calvin Klein Fragrance Review (2007)»

  1. Io o quello Gucci e Versace e anche moschino e o anche questo

  2. I really like this bad boy … sweet some what Tropical

  3. I actually love this cologne great for the price and thr dry down is amazing. Projects very well great compliment every time I wear it and 212 smells nothing like this one

  4. By any chance are you or any of your followers familiar with Calvin by Calvin Klein? Production stopped sometime in the early 2000's. Loved this scent on me. I'd love to find something similar if you or anyone else have any suggestions.

  5. nice review, could you please let me know which is the best among ck man, ckin2u and ck free. thanx.

  6. Maybe it would be nice to see a few words of what you think about this scent now, in 2018 🙂

  7. Yes I'm the first person to comment, lol great review as always man

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