Zinedine Zidane played his cards right with Gareth Bale in Real Madrid's win vs. Osasuna | ESPN FC

ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno breaks down the keys to Real Madrid’s 4-1 win vs. Osasuna. Moreno says Zinedine Zidane’s side responded well after their defeat in the Copa del Rey vs. Real Sociedad. Moreno adds that key changes up front with the inclusion of Gareth Bale, Isco and Karim Benzema led to the rebound win for the top team in La Liga.

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34 comentarios sobre «Zinedine Zidane played his cards right with Gareth Bale in Real Madrid's win vs. Osasuna | ESPN FC»

  1. Alejandro Moreno is almost as stupid as Shaka Hislop…literally just talking nonsense

  2. Real Madrid have more squad depth than Barcelona right now… Oh how the tables have turned

  3. Isco playing more of a LW position ? Is that new or has he been playing there a while?

  4. As a Barca fan I feel that this season where going to end it without a single title

  5. I don’t know what game that guy watched, Bale had a horrendous performance. I was crossing my fingers he’d be substituted to avoid further embarrassment.

  6. He knows nothing about football how can I block this channel completely……/ he was saying shits about Mourinho and reality is completely opposite. This hairless man is knowledge less

  7. I'm a Liverpool fan be nice for Madrid to win title and shut them arrogant Barcelona fans up once Messi retires it's Dark times a head

  8. Alejandro Moreno: "Zidane played cards right with Gareth Bale"

    Gareth Bale started for Real Madrid Team First 11
    Lucas Vasquez comes ON from bench to substitute Gareth Bale & SCORES

    I want what Alejandro Moreno is smoking 🚬🚬😀

  9. Bale was rubbish,this guy's on drugs if he thinks that bale was good for 60 mins

  10. Leave this panel as it is, get rid of those old pricks

  11. Ra

    Did he just say they got performances from Bale? Which game was he watching? Bale was no where to be seen for the whole 70 mins he was there. He should have been taken off at the 60th min. The guy is nothing like he used to be. From all wingers in the squad he is by far the weakest right now. And not because of lack of talent but because of lack of determination and hunger! If Bale woke up one day and told himself he wants to be the best footballer in the world i bet you he will be in the top 5. But he just doesn't have that interest. And that's what's bringing him down big time.

  12. Lol espn has an expert analyzing La Liga who never made it into an EU team. XD

  13. M O

    Zidane is now madrid's longest serving coach and also the most cup wins. in only 4 years

  14. bale was bad. he gave the ball away too much and gave bad passes

  15. I'm the biggest Bale fan but he didn't have a great game. Hope zidane gives him another shot especially when hazard comes back

  16. ESPN fc best analyst is by far Alejandro Moreno, this man understands football better than most coaches.

  17. Hala Madrid ! I like how the squad is taking shape. Bale, Vinicius, & Vasquez as substitutes bring a lot of energy and speed when defenses may feeling some fatigue. The team is looking strong without Eden Hazard.

  18. When doesn't Bale preform, its funny cause I thought this was one of his weaker games this season. If the man isn't injured he should be on the team. Too bad Zidane doesn't see it that way. Also Ale should stick to talking about Barca cause he obviously doesn't watch many Madrid games.

  19. Why ESPN seem to always have issues with their volume. It's too soft

  20. Zidane is making a huge mistake..he gotta give bale more chances

  21. jff

    Why do people dislike this video

  22. Moreno is Top notch football analyst 💯

  23. Bale assist right ? He crossed it to Isco

  24. These clowns doubted Real & Zidane.

  25. Casemiro is the reason why Madrid are good… when he's in form, the team is in form

  26. Bale forgot to show up for 2nd half

  27. If 4 -1 to Real madrid don't tell the full story then what else does? Smh stupid.

  28. Gareth Bale was AWFUL.. Totally trash 🚮

  29. I'm a die hard Real Madrid fan.. But let's be honest… Bale's performance was out right garbage. Love Gareth bale and hope he gets more chances and step up his game.

  30. I don't know why espn crew are so hesitant to appreciate Madrid's quality. One bad season and they forgot who they are.

  31. All in all zuzu has luck and he's know soccer and è believe he has in his players mostly in young generation no one was knowing that Valvade will became a problem in the centre of the park now we Ramos replacement and wen every player now è moral is up let's go Madrid.

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