Real Madrid must have had Manchester City on its mind vs. Levante – Steve Nicol | La Liga

Real Madrid has fallen behind Barcelona in the La Liga title race after a 1-0 loss to mid-table Levante. ESPN FC’s Steve Nicol, Craig Burley and Frank Leboeuf break down every facet of the defeat for Zinedine Zidane’s side, from Thibaut Courtois’ error on the goal, to Eden Hazard’s struggles, to the looming match with Manchester City in the Champions League ahead of El Clasico.


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42 comentarios sobre «Real Madrid must have had Manchester City on its mind vs. Levante – Steve Nicol | La Liga»

  1. It's easy for people to criticize, we played very well, the goal didn't just come

  2. Yall niggas clowns man we have lost twice in the league, city will still lose even if we barely score apart from Benzema

  3. Maybe they were lucky against other teams

  4. Man city gon beat them🤷‍♂️

  5. I remember these same pundits that underestimated Atalanta and said that Valencia will go through easily. Just stfu if u know nothing about serie A

  6. These guys just can’t seem to keep jerking off both City and Liverpool. Wonder what they’ll talk about next year when neither of them are doing good

  7. I thought I was the only one wondering why courtois just didn't raise his hands.

  8. Anyone else need subtitles with these guys?

  9. I'm glad Barca an Real struggling fr

  10. Yeah, they were thinking about City in the middle of the game. Wth are these clowns even talking about anymore..

  11. Zidane has gone back to the old guards, instead to continue with the young players that increase the intensity of the team, the likes of valverde, Roydigo, and Men dey dropped

  12. All those chances real madrid had and they wont good

  13. Or, or…… Levante just beat Real. They're giant killers, they've beaten barca as well.

  14. Stevie is the best soccer analyst there is, leboufe also.I guess it cause they greats and assure of themselves

  15. They lost and we see ESPN, table of course.

  16. I heard Dan say Frank and immediately stopped the video

  17. It's natural to have Man city in mind considering the play is just in few days

  18. what are this clowns talking about RM was playing's just the goals aren't there…Hazard missed that wide open pass from Marcelo was unbelievable…RM needs a goal scorer like CR7 was..

  19. Real should have discussions with wolves on how to beat city twice……….

  20. Valverde Mendy Luka jovic Rodrigo vinicious this is d team hazard is useless but benzemay is shitty

  21. Real Madrid always lose to levante. Genuinely not surprised

  22. RM is a cross machine, they complete 20~25 crosses in every matches but problem is there is none who can header the ball or someone who finishes. One Dimensional offense, opposition know just crowed the goal box with defender and you just stopped RM offense.

  23. And Hazard is injured again… FFS…its hard being a Madrid fan rn :/

  24. Benzema is the problem he misses way too maby chances until Zidane is there he will never give Jovic a chance Jovic is way better than Benzema please give him a chance

  25. They play better without Hazard and Marcelo

  26. The Classico was more on their mind than man city 😂

  27. Bruh just last month you guys were saying Madrid look unstoppable right now and boom fickle shows itself but is it really fickle if loyalty and accountability shouldn't be expected from pundits? Not sure man…you guys were saying if City meet Madrid with that defense they're in trouble…now this…and no I'm not bashing you with angry shouts I'm just a confused Madrid fan that doesn't get it with y'all at times.

  28. Real is not nearly good enough to either win the league or UCL with these kinda performances.

  29. Respect levante, they simply outplayed madrid

  30. Its amazing, 3 to 4 weeks ago "Madrid" were going to win the League they said, "Madrid is looking stronger than ever" they said, "Madrid really wants La Liga" they said. Barcelona lost away to Valencia and all these guys jumped on the Madrid wagon. Now all of a sudden, Madrid drop points to Celta and now lost away to Levante and "They have the CL on their minds", "They're not playing well", bla bla bla. The fact is that Real, Barcelona and Atletico have not been consistent this season. Same can be said about Valencia and Sevilla. The top teams may make it look easy but it's not. La Liga has tough opponents top to bottom. Two seasons ago Levante put 5 goals past Barcelona and was the only team, literally, to beat them in the league. If you don't turn up to play against team in La Liga, you'll come away with nothing.

  31. This man Nicholas is absolutely mental..
    Before the game..
    They are in a title race no way Man City should be kn their mind.
    After the game.
    Man City was on their mind..
    Shameful! 😂 😂 😂

  32. great, everyone in the comments were saying madrid were favourites easily, but a few bad games (getting sent back to reality) and man city are back to being deserved favourites after laportes back from injury, and the fact the uefa ban will surely give them more motivation to win

  33. Hazard is so low on confidence he dont even shoot .. an when he does I swear I'm looking at a low class player

  34. Honestly that was a banger u can’t take that away idc if is 7f banger man

  35. ESPN looks again only at result without watching the game. From what I've seen in 1st half Real played well or tried to. They had 12 shots already after 20 mins. So I am a bit surprised that they've lost this game. They tried to rely less on their stupid crosses. But they are def inefficient in positional play. Zidane prob wanted Real to try more some combination football but it doesn't work with Real. They r better when making 500 crosses per game it seems. Or go counter.

  36. Madrid wants to be the underdog. That's when they are at their best. Being favorites has never suited them

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