Real Madrid Are Champions League Kings | Real Madrid v Man City | Pep Guardiola Press Conference

Pep Guardiola hails Real Madrid the ‘Kings’ of the Champions League ahead of Manchester City’s last-16 tie against the Spanish giants.

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19 comentarios sobre «Real Madrid Are Champions League Kings | Real Madrid v Man City | Pep Guardiola Press Conference»

  1. Classic sportsman speech, praising the competition effusively so if you lose you don't look as bad and if you win you look extra good.

  2. And most importantly and difficult, you have to beat LIVERPOOL

  3. Man city gonna destroy Real madrid mark my words Specially De Bruyne watch out for this guy his another level you have to be prepare against him

  4. wow the press all nicey nicey questions don't upset pep

  5. Atleast he knows who the kings ar HALA madrid

  6. Come on city!!!This is our season amidst all these hiccups,we are going to triumph an Santiago B.

  7. time has changed his tune. he used to insult everything Real Madrid every other day.

  8. A wounded Real Madrid is a dangerous Real Madrid

  9. Atlético can beat Liverpool what does that tell you about the EPL league?

  10. Good Luck to Pep & the City Squad xx

  11. Levante can beat Real Madrid … so no reason Man city can't do the same thing

  12. Hayters tv ,will junior dembele (edn hazard ) played against city?😁

  13. Manchester Cheaty won't be able to bore Real Madrid with 80% possession like they do in the prem when they bully teams without fraudulent sponsors

  14. Love the quick uploads hayteerstv. Any chance for questions to be louder? And can we see Lampard conference? I’m a Chelsea fan . Thanks

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