Is Real Madrid the title favourite after beating Barcelona in El Clásico? | La Liga

After Real Madrid’s 2-0 win vs. Barcelona in El Clásico at the Santiago Bernabéu, ESPN FC’s Craig Burley, Dan Thomas, Gab Marcotti and Steve Nicol discuss what the result means for the La Liga title race. Nicol and Burley question whether Barca’s play has improved since the club brought in Quique Setién to replace the ousted Ernesto Valverde and feel that Real Madrid’s chances will improve if Los Blancos are knocked out of the Champions League round of 16 by Manchester City.


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33 comentarios sobre «Is Real Madrid the title favourite after beating Barcelona in El Clásico? | La Liga»

  1. Told people Setien appointment was wrong. What did he achieve with Betis. Like finishing 6th wow amazing. Guy is way out of his depth.

  2. Valverde plays for Real Madrid now

  3. Thank you griezman 👍👍👍

  4. No professionalism here it matter of platform.
    They are like wind they change depending on direction.

  5. Its still 50-50 chance fellas 😊😊😊 again congrats Real👍👍👍

  6. What has Barcelona shown that you have high hopes for them to go thru the next round

  7. Don’t count madrid out yet, specially against cl bottlers like city.

  8. I've always been a Barcelona supporter but sadly they aren't the side they were five years ago and it is a fading side. To me, Barcelona won't even win La Liga, let alone the Champions League. Messi can't do it all by himself.

  9. Lead has been exchanged far way too many times, it's hard to suggest whether one game will change the whole course, so hard to say

  10. When hazard returns, madrids form will dip again. Barcelona will win the league.

  11. I think Madrid had finished all its tough games so they have the advantage to win the title as Barca still have to play with Atletico and an away game against Sevilla

  12. ​ Aa3Dr Gam3r messy has been poor the whole season apart for 5-7 games… he looses the ball heaps and does not chase to recover the ball. the team have to pick up his slack and they are already a poor defence.


  14. Honestly as a Barca fan they deserved the win. We played just wow

  15. Does Stevie watch La Liga? Gab seems to be the one who really does 😂😂😂.

  16. Why are people overreacting? Barca and Madrid are the worst they have been in almost 20 years. Real Madrid are better structured and are less dependent on one player. Barcelona, on the other hand, are a Messi injury away from not being a CL team.

  17. Yes of course .. RM are the title favorites … Because all of RM players are performing their role fairly well … while at Barcelona, if there's no Messi, there's no wins

  18. Look you pundits are looking at the general picture of Barcelona rather than the specifics. Barcelona dominated the fists half and real madrid dominated second half. Setien has to work with a squad that's not his but Valverdes and change is a process not an instant makeover. Setien was brought to bring change and the players need time to adapt that change. So instead of slaughtering them be patient and watch next season, with Setien having a whole transfer window and pre-season

  19. We still played better than valverade, the midfield was bad , Arthur and dejong and Vidal were bad , if valverade was couch we would’ve lost that Napoli game

  20. Benzema varane kroos vinicius were all 10/10

  21. In this la liga both teams are not at their best so i think Madrid will win the La liga coz they are just a little better

  22. Real Madrid are not gonna win LA liga

  23. It feels like these lot are at a funeral mourning, seriously these lot are so in love with Barca and Messi.
    I remember how awful Messi was at the Copa America and this Dan the she-man was non stop mourning, this network is part of the Messi media worshipping syndicate, absolute clowns.

  24. Who is making the decisions on who gets fired and who gets hired is it the same guy who has been picking the coaches and the players , if it is get him to f**k out the club hopefully its not the same idiot that watched ronaldo 15 times and must of been drunk on every occasion, as for the decision to spend money on firpo and put cucurella out on loan REALLY ?

  25. Barca can't handle if the other team shows intensity and pushes them

  26. All these pundits look like they're Barca fans… they all sound so hurt. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  27. Why wasn’t Messi playing?

  28. these lot r waff fam these lot gonna blame the manager shh fam

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