Real Madrid vs. Barcelona reaction: Los Blancos turn up in El Clasico | La Liga

ESPN FC’s Craig Burley and Steve Nicol break down Real Madrid’s 2-0 victory vs. Barcelona in El Clasico at the Santiago Bernabeu. The guys discuss the major differences between Real Madrid in the first half versus their inspired performance in the second half. Despite goals from Vinicius Junior and Mariano, Nicol says Real Madrid could have scored «four goals or more.» Burley adds that Barcelona «didn’t have an answer» for Real Madrid in the second half and reflects on an «off day» for Lionel Messi.

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49 comentarios sobre «Real Madrid vs. Barcelona reaction: Los Blancos turn up in El Clasico | La Liga»

  1. Stevie be like…..if Barcelona wouldn't ube lose they would hve won…..

    Where was the CENTREBACKs?

  3. First half was even, second half Real Madrid literally dominated barca.

  4. 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    how much excitement there is
    1:54 💘💝

  5. Stevie is a type of a guy who will invite Messi to sleep with his wife if he can't pregnant her.

  6. Barcelona should've went with this line up & formation:

    Griezmann, Braithwaite, Fati
    Rakitic Busquets
    Jordi Alba, Umtiti, Piqué, Semedo
    Ter Stegen

    Barcelona need to start playing Messi in a 'Inesta Role'

  7. Steve Nichol must really hate Real Madrid😑😒

  8. I want to watch football play video
    Not your speech😒😏

  9. Can we start a petition for taking of Stevie of the videos ?

  10. Asensio!!!!! Odegaard!!!! Dani Ceballos!!!! Hakimi!!!! Hazard!!!! Real MAdrid will be a powerhouse next season. Imagine if Mbappe, and Lord Lingard show up too!!!! The new Galacticos!!!!!!

  11. Look at the face of Stevie Nikol, even when RM win he always find a way to say how terrible was RM. Btw I like how much he hate Ramos even though Ramos has won more titles that he can imagine.

  12. You should not have Stevie on the panel

  13. Sack that git. Steve is a butthurt brumie

  14. A K

    Cristiano Ronaldo Made the difference

  15. No need to over think this Clasico. It was a game of two halves. Barcelona won the first half and could have had three goals, Semedo had Vinícius in his pocket all first half and Madrid barely had one half chance from Benzema. Madrid to their credit came out in the second half with a different mindset, they pressed well, had two chances of note prior to scoring and won the second half (goals aside). Vinícius was able to beat Semedo off the ball with his runs. Let's be honest with ourselves though, Madrid won the game due to a huge deflection. They all count of course but let's not get too carried away. Both teams are still very inconsistent this season, they came into this game in average form. Both suffered from injuries (Barcelona more so) this season as well. Congrats to Madrid for getting the three points.

  16. Vini is still overrated asf, The man of the match should be toni Kroos or carvajal

  17. Yet again Barcelona lost because they depend upon their superstars. They need to play as a team and not really just on shear class of messi.

  18. Yeah if every chance to be converted to goal it will be 10 to 11 goals each.

  19. Barca hold this L just play for ball possession 🤣🤣🤣 idiots

  20. Stevie should be taken off TV. Awful.

  21. If Real Madrid come back vs City I want to see Stevie Nichold face lol. Imagine if At Madrkd Knock out Liverpool also…..

  22. These idiots know nothing about football, they are only paid for their accents.

  23. You think Ron was scouting for juva

  24. Greizmann is a center forward…he is not a winger…barca play players where they are good at stop changing the whole team to suit one man because when that one man doesn’t show up…the whole team suffers

  25. Toni kroos navigated the game like a veteran…Vini was a beast…Isco was magic to watch..Marcelo is back…Casimero and Valverde handled the middle like they were playin kids… Ramos , Varane & Cavahal locked down the back like the riot squad…Benzema wit his tika taka plays was jus mesmerizing to watch…..Modric came in like speedy Gonzales and had dem confuse wit his talent…same as Vasquez he is back wit a bang…then there was our super sub Mariano darn this bro is a monster…. Missed my buddy Bale if he had played…sure the score would have ended 4 – 0… another guy who Zidane should start to play is Brahim diaz…real talent.

  26. I would not say rest of FCB is unable to step up, it's cause everything revolves around messi, so they are no longer used to playing differently.

  27. Get stevie off the show no idea what hes talking about.

  28. I forgot real and Barca still exist, didn't know El clasico was last weekend. I've been watching Juve since ronaldo left.

  29. Stevie is such a hater cry me a river

  30. This idiot surely hates RMA🤣

  31. According to stevie it should have ended 4-3 for madrid. Barca should have scored 3 in first half madrid 4 in second half.. Human beings are not perfect, but who took his chances better is the better team and madrid clearly is as the result showed

  32. People fail to realise that the main difference with Madrid in the first half have little to do with the press and more to do with poor decision making up front. They were getting into very good positions but not making most of them. Kroos and Casemiro had shots outside the box that was skewed wide etc. Vini isn't very experienced to know what to do and benzema wasn't fast enough to get space for himself because Valverde had extremely good runs down the right. Zidane addressed that at half time.

  33. As a Barcelona fan, we were not up for it to compete with Los Blancos in this encounter. Almost looked like a Vintage Madrid, runs in behind defenders, determination in every tackle, excellent wing play, pressure up front, Speed, pace and power. They had that GRIT. I applaud Real Madrid, I enjoyed the game. They needed this classic performance win as well to boost their morale. Both FCB and RM seem to be in a transitioning phase these days. We'll done 👍

  34. So happy for the hack I got from Cyberkrons,com service

  35. Well played Madrid, deserves win. Till we meet again next season(or in the champions league) who knows

  36. Stevie is the most Biased pundit I've ever seen! This man tries to do everything except give credit to real madrid smh

  37. the narrative that these are the 2 clubs to aim for is badly outdated. lately anything that goes to these clubs become broke. antoine is a shell of himself

  38. Zidanes still won't play Mariano after that performance.

  39. Yall really like to see real losing.
    Courtois was better
    Messi was shut down, not an off day

  40. Now 2:0 against city as well and we’re back!! 😀

  41. Coutinho,alena,tobido,malcolm,perez everybody needs to come back,barca board is clown,real have depth in their squad,barca has a thin squad right now,if barca win the league i think they will be over the moon in these conditions,bartomeu and abidal are cancers for planning and Managing

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