Highlights Real Betis vs Real Madrid (2-1)

Real Betis beat Real Madrid 2-1 at home with the goals scored by Sidnei and Cristian Tello #RealBetisRealMadrid. LaLiga Santander 2019/2020

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49 comentarios sobre «Highlights Real Betis vs Real Madrid (2-1)»

  1. -

    Back into 2nd place now.

  2. Betis – Real 2 – 1
    Real – Barca 2 – 0 😂

  3. Hahaha, they play Vinicius over Bale….its your own fault. Be careful what you wish for.

  4. BRAVO Betis!!!!!

    BRAVO Betis!!!!!

    BRAVO Betis!!!!!

    BRAVO Betis!!!!!

    BRAVO Betis!!!!!

  5. FUCK YOU Real Madrid!!!!!

    FUCK YOU Real Madrid!!!!!

    FUCK YOU Real Madrid!!!!!

    FUCK YOU Real Madrid!!!!!

    FUCK YOU Real Madrid!!!!!

  6. Первый гол это просто бомба,вот что значит доигрывать момент до конца!!!!!
    Бетис со своей инфраструктурой может куда лучше играть

  7. Real need better players, Benzema, Junior and few others they are useless.
    Specially Overrated Benzema.

  8. Le real doit avoir un vrais talon .. comme ben arfa les choses seront simples ,avec ses dribles le real se transformera en 22 joueurs ..mais domage que le systeme anti HBA mis en place par des racistes haineux de la fifa et la fff depuis ..le poursuit toujours ..on verra ce qu il doit faire contre le real et le barca de messi …s il n est pas encore blessé d ici là à la facon de new cast..

  9. Real Madrid need traore and raul jimenez.

  10. barca are getting pissed they got beat 2-0 now real is being beat 2-1 who is trying to win this cup

  11. if barca won the title, they clearly should invite tello😌😂

  12. An ex Barcelona player does Barcelona a favour 😁

  13. prochain bon match de feakir rendez vous en mars prochain 😅

  14. This is by far the most pathetic Real Madrid and Barcelona I have seen in te last 15 years. If Atletico were more stable the really would win the Liga this year.

  15. Real Sociedad should win the league

  16. Lucas Vazquez do q Rodrygo… Zidane humilha na escalação, sem falar q concordei com o narrador do FoxPremium em colocar James para ele ficar na posição dele como meia-ofensivo i deixar vinicius como centravante fazendo dupla com Karim , já q se n ta dando certo pelas pontas tenta o meio… mas Zidane ne… eeeeeh cara bom… Jogador ele foi espetacular (por causa dele eu sou viciado em football desde uma certa copa de uma certa final) mas como tecnico, ele…. as vezes ele é feliz (sorte) outras… meeee

  17. Real Madrid 😂què pasa hhhhhhhhh😂

  18. He's Tello. He's one of Barcelona La Masia team

  19. are barca really going to win the title AGAIN FOR TH 3RD TIME IN A ROW?

  20. Zidane!!! What will it take for you to get rid of Benzema?! Let him play for Arsenal or some Chinese team! Don't you see how players like Bale, Vinicius & make a difference the moment they step in…Benzema is super inefficient it hurts 🤬

  21. Guardado se los cojio perros 🤣👏👍!

  22. When is zidane and gonna learn?? You cant win a league with Vini and LV as wingers, and how is Mariano playing those last needed mins??? Just because he scored a lucky goal and he now deserves to come in before Bale, Rodrygo and James??? Sick and tired of ZZ doing substitutes after 70 min every game:( like who can do shit in 15-20 min while others don’t do it for 65-70 min🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️He is disrespecting Bale fully now and he will regret that when he gets fired end of season

  23. Please Benzema leave the team please 🙏

  24. Now they are where rhey belong.second best after barca

  25. El Barsa es el mejor el Madrid es un falso

  26. Ramos lost the ball which caused betis to score and why does zidane play Benz?

  27. Karim binzimma 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  28. 35 year old midfielder is last in line to run to keep the ball out of goal?! Wtf real madrid?! How much are those defenders payed, milions…

  29. Benzema is done, real needs to find a proper attacker. Ramos is really bad for a longer period of time

  30. I still don't get why the f Zidane plays Benzema. He maybe can shoot penalties but he didn't show much in the last couple weeks.

  31. ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahaha

  32. viniciu jr kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk wtf

  33. Que alegría ver perder al Madrid 😂😂😂😂😂 Barcelona es el papá del real Madrid recuperando el primer lugar

  34. #BenzemaOut
    I've said it time and time again, Benzema should go for real…He is not only failing in attack but also causes mistakes which cost us even the 1 point, the second goal was entirely his fault. Vazquez is a total loser, he only runs on the side and passes sideways to the centre not even creating any dangerous situations. With Militao on the right back and Vazquez on the right wing it was like a handicapped match where Real only had one side – the left wing with Vini there creating the only dangerous pieces of play, but Benzema failing to produce any good play. And keeping Benzema and Vazquez for 90 min is a crime if you have Rodrygo and Isco on the bench. Really I see no way we can win anything this season, CL will be over when Man Shitty destroy us and we are not consistent enough to beat Barca to the top even though they are on a low as well. Really hope we will bring in Mbappe in the summer, but we have to get rid of useless players like Benzema and Vazquez. And Benzema ended his draught – yes only if it wasnt from the penalty spot he would have not scored until the end of the season. Honestly, even if I want Zidane to succeed, his insistance that Benzema is a key player is putting me off that idea. I start to think that only if a coach who sees Benzema without Algerian-French glasses we will have some progress. We cannot keep relying on this loser…

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