Neither Barcelona nor Real Madrid can build momentum in the title race – Ale Moreno | La Liga

After Real Madrid’s 2-1 loss vs. Real Betis, ESPN FC’s Alejandro Moreno, Dan Thomas, Gab Marcotti and Shaka Hislop struggle to pick a clear La Liga favorite between Zinedine Zidane’s side and Barcelona. Moreno believes that, despite Real Madrid’s recent El Clásico victory, both sides have shown frailties that keep them from pulling ahead of the other when the opportunity arises.


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42 comentarios sobre «Neither Barcelona nor Real Madrid can build momentum in the title race – Ale Moreno | La Liga»

  1. Real betis ,
    Played excellent football!

  2. Why cant people accept the fact that both teams are in a transitional period. The days of the old El Classico are over for a while. Both teams are looking for new heroes. Messi is not even in this comparison bc he is considered the best and is now on his way down from his best level and we cant even say he's coming to the same level as the other top players because he's still a level above them while he's on his way down the scale. Real Madrids win over Barca was a wake up call for Barcas defense. Both goals were lucky but well deserved because the young players were hungry. Im a futbol fan and admire both teams but favor Barca. One of Barcelonas fans problem is they have this image of when xavi, iniesta and messi were playing together and are holding future teams to that standard and that's impossible at the moment. Their arent any players of that stature or quality around yet. Not even their kids will be able to hold that title, look at Michael Jordans kids, big shoes to fill. What do you think Messis kids will go through in the future?

  3. Real Madrid just need a consistent striker, Barca have messi. They don’t have an excuse

  4. The struggles of Barcelona and Real Madrid could also be influenced by the new TV deal signed a few seasons ago. Now the other teams are getting more money, and hence putting forward better teams and better performances.

  5. Both teams forgot how to be consistent.. I use to enjoy watching them play but now I use their games to put me to sleep!

  6. Messi will find form in final 10 games to win it for barca

  7. I always try to remind people that El Clásico is one game. So much hype was put into that one game that everyone forgets that La Liga still has 10+ games left. This Liga might come down to the very last fixture.

  8. This is good news for Man City Fans

  9. This is the worst Barca side in a decade.

    New manager, the board is shady as f…, making dumb decisions, players like Suarez and Dembele injured, Setien only having 14 first team players and STILL they are on top of LaLiga, somehow over Madrid under Zidane.,

  10. Honestly Zidane is the one to blame

  11. League is gone, UCL is gone. Season is done n dusted. All thanks to Benzema. Bale and James both heading out.

  12. Plot twist: Leganes wins La Liga 2019-2020

  13. First it was messi bad game in el clasico (due to injury) and they where hatin now real lost lead is gone and juve vs inter cr7 didn score

  14. Laughing at these guys after praising madrid after the classico that they are favourites…….useless pundits😂😂😂😂😂😂😂the should know better

  15. Reason Barça lost Elclasico because they were playing without wingers or pure striker

  16. Barca and Real Madrid are poor this season lucky for them atletico is also down

  17. The truth is Real Madrid need a big revolution in the summer. Many players from Zidane’s first reign must leave. They don’t have desire and motivation to play anymore. They are like dead horses. And we need to bring new players that have desire to prove and challenge themselves.
    If that happens you will see we will get a new kind of mentality and presence in our team. Just like we did in 2010, when we rebuilt out team.

    We need to sell : Benzema
    Kroos (In a swap deal with Pogba. I feel Kroos is still good but needs a new challenge)

    Then we need to bring in some hungry players like

    Martin Odegaard
    Van De Beek
    Camavinga (but we should send him loan)
    Achraf Hakimi

    Players we should loan out : Kubo, Brahim, Reiner, Camavinga, Oscar

    And our squad for next season would look like this.


    Vinicius Jr
    Rodrygo Goes

    Martin Ødegaard
    Van de beek
    Fede Valverde

    Ferland Mendy
    Achraf Hakimi



    Hazard Ødegaard Mbappe

    Fede/Pogba Casemiro

    Mendy Koulibaly Varane Carvajal


  18. Im a Real madrid fan, but i almsot don't even get angry anymore, I almost just laughing cause they are playing so bad

  19. Real Madrid were very poor in el classico I don't surprise. It was Barcelona themselves who failed to take their chances accurately!!!

  20. Is EPL the best?? No surprise from you guys. Did you follow Real Betis vs Barcelona?? You have to respect Real Sociedad and real Betis

  21. You are saying so because you always OVERRATE real Madrid

  22. What do you expect with Kroos, Case, Modric in midfield? Fede has to play, I'm not sure why Zidane thinks this team will work.

  23. when pique said this is the worst Madrid team i have ever faced. now i can say he was dumb right..

  24. They can't fathom the fact that la Liga team Don't just bend over backwards. Every team in the top 6 has the ability to beat each other. La Liga is very competitive this season, unlike the premier League these fools follow where the winner gets 22point lead.

  25. FCB:we will give you a one point lead.
    RMA:no no we will give you a lead of not one but two

  26. This is the worst Barca since 2003

  27. People celebrating the Betis win:
    3% Betis fans
    97% Barca fans

  28. Why isn't anyone talking abt zidane and how he's a poor coach and the fact that he, Ramos and benzema is the coach of the team.

  29. It’s not Madrid and Barcelona bottling their chances, the league is getting tougher by the’s no longer a walk in the park for anyone

  30. Yall should stop talking abt la liga. Yall can barely keep up with premier league. Just stick with one league

  31. You see you guys underestimate other la liga teams

  32. La liga is getting tougher now, i cant call it farmers league anymore.

  33. When Pique said this is the worst Real Madrid's side he's played against, y'all made mockery of him

  34. Lmao.. these ones dont know jack about what they are talking about.. always saying different things about same teams week in week out.. Y'all dont even watch the games haha

  35. Setién's ex players couldn't thank him enough….now they've given him a great gift

  36. I think Benzema and Ramos should switch their position

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