Spain: Real Madrid players resume training after coronavirus hiatus

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Real Madrid players arrived at the Real Madrid City sports complex on Monday morning to resume their training after an almost two-month hiatus caused by the coronavirus outbreak.

The members of the team arrived in their private vehicles, many of them wearing face masks, to participate in the training session that was set to begin at 10:00 local time (08:00 GMT).

‘Los Blancos’ trained split into two different shifts and in various fields and, according to local sources, during the training session the team coached by Zinedine Zidane maintained strict health and safety standards in accordance with the protocol established by the Professional Football League (LFP) .

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  1. Audi Madrid players resume training after coronavirus hiatus

  2. Why they dont drive luxury cars like Lamborghini , McLaren or Ferrari ??? Audi (sponsor) didn't allow them?

  3. They have mainly Audi because it was gifted to them from the car company. Bayern Munich players are gifted every year with a new Audi (giving back the old one).

  4. Only…q7 q8 q5…what the hell

  5. Reason why everyone was driving an Audi was because they were sponsored by them recently every player got a Audi

  6. 1:38 Bruuuuh , of all the Audi models allowed to pick from for free, he choose that?

  7. How to get into Real Madrid training without getting stopped? Drive an Audi

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