Barcelona-Real Madrid Tactical Analysis

Barcelona-Real Madrid Tactical Analysis
By Anastasio
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  1. Please, you use great music. What is this? I have to find it, but don't know how to look.

  2. Barca had too many defenders forward. That's one of their mistakes.

  3. 3 obvious penalties for Barca and you're blatantly denying the truth. typical for a madrid fan.
    Also, judging like this proves how much football you know, Barcelona's defense, attack and midfield are doing a much harder job than Real's. Tiki taka is very unnatural, especially for defenders and attackers. It didn't seem worth it last season, but let's compare what Barca did and what Real did the last years.

  4. thats fucking false, everyone in the world saw the penalty of pique vs cristiano, pique cant with cristiano recognize it or no, better offensive and better defense = Madrid, better midfield = Barcelona.

  5. this isn't much of a tactic analysis. sure your points are valid, however any good winger IS supposed to come back and help defence, especially where your opponent exploits space up front. and the point about wing backs being wide is really not a negative for barça, as they have xavi and busquets in charge of transition midfield, and as their only wide attackers look to get inside the box, they need the width wing backs can provide, so that's mandatory pretty much

  6. Yep.
    Even so, they needed help from the refs so that "uefalona" weren't given 3 penalties in 2 matches

  7. For example the man that falls in the area 1:15 I think it's Fabregas not Alba. It's not a matter of Di Maria following Barça left back, it's a positioning matter.

  8. Most of the time Di Maria is not running with Alba, he is positioned as a right back, if the ball goes to the right and Real Madrid is balanced in the field Di Maria do the pressing to Iniesta or Alba, if not he mantains the position. This is not the natural position of a winger this is especilly done for Barcelona.

    When Ronaldo is with Alves that´s normal because Alves was attacking but Di Maria situation it's not normal at all.

  9. Real Madrid the best off counter ATTACK!!!

  10. Real Madrid's tactics win games. Barcelona's win seasons.

  11. That's true, look at Iniesta's goal /watch?v=djlUTX7ah00 in the supercup. Madrid play a very high line, a penetrating run can hurt them and a good pass between the centre backs can expose this.

  12. lol everyone voting you down. You're right. If a left or right back is making a run past you into space as a winger you should mark them. There's really no other option for di maria here. You have to mark overlapping runs especially against a team like Barca

  13. not to discredit madrid but it was very annoying to watch

  14. thats the way to beat barcelona everybody defending and a good counter attack

  15. This isn't really tactics, any good winger is supposed to come back and help the defence

  16. being a barca fan i always knew di maria was madrids most important player against us. Although these tactics worked i think barca will find the solution with midfield runners. The line is was very high with no one making runs behind the defence barca played in front of madrid. Sanchez is vital in these games as his pace frightens madrid and his movement is very clever. I dont understand the deployment of cesc.

  17. that's the whole story. but I'd like to believe barca have found the remedy after witnessing their crushing of ac milan because it was a similar case. infact mourinho might have gained some tips from the first leg against ac milan. tito is using villa to pin back center halfs, alves and pedro to occupy the flanks and give messi, xavi and iniesta space to work with.

  18. basically take advantage of the fact that di maria's work rate is amazing, and buy a team of sprinters to attack on the counter when the opposition's defence is 0. They rarely score against Barcelona when barca are actually in position, they can't build up play like barca. Barca managed to score against madrid without counter just creativity, alba managed to score because of an inventive idea from iniesta even though he was being stalked by di maria the whole game

  19. You should have more subscribers. brilliant stuff.

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